How I & brother made greeting cards
on your & papa’s birthday
We drew different designs
wrote jokes we all cracked together
and painted with crayons
As we grew up,
we stopped making greeting cards
maybe we thought grown-ups don’t
But all these years,
love & respect for you (& Papa)
has only increased
so here’s a tiny Greeting+writeup
on your special day
Happy Birthday Mummy

Hey everyone!

I don’t usually post anything on Sunday. But today’s a special day. It’s my mother’s birthday and I have wrote something for her (first time).

I was not going to post it here but still doing because I felt it should be on my blog. And I also have an announcement to make.

My exams starts from Tuesday so I won’t be posting anything new for two weeks.

So, that’s it. And I might come back with a little surprise.

Keep guessing!

Thank you for reading and have a great time!

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