Gham Nahi Rap Feat Antiek

Hello Everyone! I’m writing this post to inform everyone about My Brother’s First Rap SongGham Nahi Ft. Antiek“. Written & performed by Aniket Manohare aka ANTIEK and music by Rezonance Studio. He is my real elder brother. Lot of people were confused if he’s my friend or someone else. So, I had to make it clear here itself.

This rap is all about his Life journey till now. He talks about all of his experiences be it Happiness, Sadness, Heartbreak, Betrayal, Family and much more.

Each and every line of the rap is pure creativity and meaningfulness. Lyrics are very thought provoking and catchy at the same time.

And I’m not praising this just because it’s my brother. Not at all. As a Music lover who loves meaningful music, I am so much impressed with the Rap. I can relate to almost everything he has written.

My brother has been writing way before me. I’ve seen his hard work from very beginning. This one is so special to all of us from my family. Because, We’ve seen his dedication & patience since last year for this song. As a younger brother I feel so inspired as well as proud.

The rap is in Hindi language so some of you might not be able to understand it but still you’ll enjoy the amazing video.

So, Do Watch Full Rap On YouTube and don’t forget to share it.

Here’s the link: Gham Nahi – Ft. Antiek (Aniket Manohare)

Also, you can follow him on Instagram – Iamantiek

Thank you for reading and keep supporting❤️