Comfort Zone

Look at the above picture. And ask yourself “Do you want stay in your comfort zone & experience ordinary experiences ?”

Or “Do you want to get out of your comfort zone & experience Extraordinary experiences in your life ?”

Hello Everyone !

I was planning to write a blog yesterday as I was really happy . But later I don’t know what happened to me & I didn’t write anything .

Anyway , Let me share with you why I was happy yesterday .

Does anyone remember I wrote a blog called ” Try something new” . If you haven’t read it Click here.

As you know I wrote about my first experience of acting in a street play. Also I wrote about why everyone should try doing new things.

My first experience of performing on Stage

5th September , yesterday was Teacher’s Day. There was event organised to express gratitude to our teachers.

I participated in a play , with same friends I did street play last month.

It was my first time to perform on the stage.Also I played guitar at the end of play. I played background music to a poem. Poem with guitar sounded so perfect .

Our play got a lot of appreciation from everyone. I played a small role in a play & I’m happy with it. More than that role ,I was excited to play guitar on stage for the first time. And I’m so glad that it went really well.

I was proud of our team. I was proud of myself.

Getting out of my Comfort zone

I’ve been playing Guitar from last 5 years. I never had courage or tried to perform in front of anyone.

I’ve always been Introvert , shy kind of person who doesn’t like to get in people’s attention ,who is comfortable being with himself.

When I look at myself right now ,I don’t how to describe what I feel. I am glad that I’m trying new things , I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I’m trying to improve myself.

Two years ago if I imagine myself , It will feel so impossible to even think that I’ll be performing on stage playing guitar in front of audience.

My Advice To Everyone

My advice to everyone will be “Take chances “. I know it scares you to get out of your comfort zone & do that thing. Just ask yourself “What is worst thing will happen if you tried that thing ?”

You will fail ? You will feel embarrassed ?

So what ? You are alive ,healthy & same as you were before failing. You will always have a chance to improve & to do better next time .


Don’t waste time in What If’s , start doing NOW !

Hello , If there’s anyone who wants to talk about anything , who wants someone to talk their heart out to someone can contact me .

I’ll be happy to talk with about anything .

You can contact me here Click here.

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