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Frozen Milk – Fantasy Poem

On a freezing night
my hands, cold like a frozen milk
my head, a burden resting on body
yearns for a warm shoulder

I look at youuuu so gorgeous
stretching her hand towards mine
holding whole universe in her eyes
painted with colors unnamed

A universe full of Art
hearts who beats in unison of love
poetry written in a serene midnight
quiet but full of hope

I say, take me to your world
leaving behind every burden I carry
to run in gardens of cherry
swim under the sky full of Stars

She welcomes me with a heart
bigger than her universe
guides me like a moon
up above in the sky

We roam together
fly from one planet to another
with our bodies drenched with meteor shower
in her infinite galaxies

Meet aliens coloured green
speaking in a language of love
hard to understand
but easy to feel

Me & she,
Float all over her space
until my head is heavy
and my hands are frozen again

I hold her warm hands
to bring back mine at room temperature
and drop my head on her shoulder
ready to get lost again in her

Frozen Milk – Fantasy Poem Description

Hello Everyone! Here we are with the first poem of this year, Frozen Milk.

I have no idea how do I describe this poem. Or why I have used some weird terms like Frozen milk in this poem. It is a mixture of fantasy & romance.

What I can say is, this is one of the closest poems to my heart that I’ve written. And I’m so glad to post this poem as the first poem of 2020.

Instead of writing down description of this poem here, I want you all to describe & interpret the poem.

I would love to read them below in the comments section.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Felt like living in a dream while reading this hahaa! Love the way you have played with words to make the poem look so romantic and a little dramatic. Love it ♥️

  • I am absolutely in love with this poem! I love the metaphors and love – tough to understand, easy to feel has just given me a lot of second thoughts and opinions. My interpretation is that the speaker is going through a lot and is feeling really low but his only hope is she, whom he’s in love with. I think the cold atmosphere is due to this lover’s absence, for the gloom of her absence has made the air thinner and taken away the warmth of her presence. You are dreaming of her in wait for her when you write this (that is the fantasy part of the poem) and then reality hits backs again, the speaker has returned to the cold night, wondering when she will come again in flesh and bone.

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