Five feet apart poem inspired by the movie

The air you poured in me
through your mouth
makes my stars float and
butterflies fly with colors brighter than the lights which I stare from my pallet

I often dreamt of those lights afar
My sister promised to get me under those lights
once I get new lungs and not so artificial oxygen to breath anymore
but I lost that dream just like my sister

Until one day you stood beside me
and the other day I lost my best friend
without hugging him ever
and wiping his broken heart
I remembered that I forgot to live my life

So I decided to discharge myself
and run towards the lights in the midnight snow
I walked with you five feet apart
holding your hand with my gloves

A snowy mountain is where we lost our breaths twice
first, we were exhausted & ill
second, when our lips were 5 centimetres apart

Guess what? The rule breaker you,
followed the rules of the treatments
and backed out
while I was ready to die with your
B Cepacia

But maybe I was destined die under the snow
and get frozen forever with my stars still twinkling bright
No, you had different plans to
get me new lungs for at least next 5 years

So you pulled me out of the snow
gave me CPR to revive my dead & frozen lungs
but they were refused to breath again
and you were losing it too

At that moment, only thing that mattered to you was my pulses
so you broke those 5 long feet between
our mouths
filled my lungs with all the air you had inside you

Just when you thought you lost me
I spilled out the frozen water beside you
Last things I saw were your lungs gasping for oxygen and eyes searching for me

Next thing I know is I’m getting new lungs
not for me but for you
I didn’t want 5 more years but
even 5 more seconds with you meant
lifetime to me

First thing I saw when I open my eyes
are the lights outside my operation theatre
brighter than the ones I always dreamt
that were afar
but you brought even brighter ones in my life

Finally when I thought everything worked out like fresh oxygen
you decided to walk away
so that you can save me again
and every day until these new pairs leave me just like you did

As you walked away I thought about your touch
That touch for 5 milliseconds which I didn’t appreciate
and pushed away with anger and frustration of another loss

Maybe I will never get to feel your touch again
or get my sweat drawn in your sketches when I am tried after the gym
or sit with our legs dipped in the swimming tank

Maybe they lied about oxygen & lungs
because the new ones are breathing
with your air since they were planted in me
and still reminding me of you every 5 breaths

Five Feet Apart – Poem Description

Well, do this poem really need any Description? This Poem is inspired by the movie “Five Feet Apart” which I watched last week.

It was Sweet, Simple, Painful and Beautiful. And this movie made me write my longest poem till date.

The ending of Five feet apart made me wonder what went through Stella’s mind after everything.

The movie ends with her words only but I wanted to know more of how & what she felt. So I ended up writing this from her point of view.

Thanks to Mermaid’s Pen for making me watch this movie ❤

I hope you all enjoyed reading this one. And if you haven’t watched the movie then do watch it & read poem again.

Thank you for reading!

[Reposted On 29th October 2020]

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