First blog anniversary

First Blog Anniversary of Writing My Heart Out

A year ago I created a website just because one of my professor thought it would help us to create something on our own & after a year here I’m.A Shy, Introverted & Weird guy who hardly spoke his heart out & never even thought of writing his heart out, completed 1 Year of Blogging.It’s crazy whenever I look back at the day when I started this blog. Never imagined that I’ll be able to run this blog for such a long period. That too without any writing experience in the past.Today, on this special day I’m going to share all about the background story of this blog, how did it start, why did I start, etc etc.So keep reading if you’re curious to know.

How Did I Start This Blog ?

In earlier posts, I’ve already mentioned the story behind my blog but some of the new readers might not know. So I’m sharing it again , if you already know then you can skip to the next section.Back in June 2018, My third year of Engineering restarted (After a year gap) & I was trying to be more focused than ever before. Also I was motivated after joining back college after so long.In August 2018, we had a Parent Teacher Guardian Meeting. A meeting where a batch of students share their Reviews, complaints, suggestions regarding Teaching & other facilities at college.Our batch’s Guardian was Mr. Sudeep Thepade who also was teaching us “Software Engineering And Project Management“. In that meeting he told our batch about “WordPress“. That’s how I got to know about wordpress & how easily we can create our own websites that too free of cost.That’s how it all started.

Why Did I Start This Blog ?

Writing My Heart Out Logo

As I just said, I got to know about wordpress from one of our professor. When I went home & checked out what wordpress is , I was not even thinking that I’ll be making a blogging website.I had some very unclear idea about the website which I wanted to create. But when I actually created the website, I thought that I m not be able to make the website which was in my mind.And then I came across the menu button on my homepage where I saw a option called “Blog”, and I clicked on it & wrote my first ever article on 3rd August 2018.Read My First Article – Which Moment Should I Choose?At that time, I was reading a book named “The subtle art of not giving f*ck“. The article was inspired from that book.To be honest, there was no reason to write this article on my website. I just did it without even thinking much. Later, I shared that article with a friend & she encouraged me to write more & that’s how I kept going.

Why Accidental Blogger?

I’ve been asked a lot about my username, Why Accidental blogger?Simple, because being a blogger happened as an accident. It was never planned or even thought before.I’ve met many talented writers,poets, story-tellers here who have been writing from so long. While I was someone who had not written anything except answers in answer sheets.Initially it was “Amateur Blogger” but later I changed it to “Accidental Blogger“.

Why “Writing My Heart Out”?

When I first created this website, address & title was Writing your heart out as I wanted to create a website where everyone could write about their feelings, struggles, pains,etc.

Later, when I decided to make this website as a blog, I changed it to Writing My Heart Out.

And this title is inspired by a question which I kept seeing & also reading answers on Quora. If you use Quora you might have come across this question often.

So that is how I named my blog Writing My Heart.

What was/is purpose of this blog?

Writing My Heart Out Blog

The initial idea of website was to create one where people could talk about their struggles/problems & get help from others. Like a community helping each other to overcome their difficulties.And the main reason why I had this idea was because I was experiencing such things about which I couldn’t share with anyone. I felt like no one would understand & I don’t even have guts to share those things with anyone.So, the initial idea didn’t get implemented as I thought but I have always tried to do that through this blog. I’ve tried my best to share my deepest & darkest feeling/experiences here to not just help myself but others too.The purpose was & will always be to build a supportive community who will help each other to grow.

How Did I Started Writing Without Any Prior Experience?

I never wrote anything before. No article, no poem, nothing. But the more I kept writing, I kept getting better.One of the major thing which helped me to write articles was Quora. Last year, I was going through a tough time (Emotionally) and was looking for answers. Then I got to hooked to reading on this site Quora which was full of Questions & Answers.There was a time when the only app I used in my phone was Quora. By the way, I still do read from quora. And sometimes write answers too.Also I had started reading E-books back then. They were mostly self-help that’s why it was my initial blog theme.

Is Accidental Blogger Perfect?

Is accidental Blogger Perfect? Motivated? Matured? Sorted?Many of readers of my blog has this misconceptions about me. And I wanted to clear it to them that I’m just a normal 21 year old guy who is as confused as most of the guys are.Right now I’m most confused about my career because I’ve no idea where it’s heading too. I’ve been thinking about it too much lately. I was supposed to complete this post 2-3 days back but I’m still writing this at 3:16 am at the midnight of my blog’s 1 Year Anniversary.The reason why I told about this is I don’t want anyone to think that I live a perfect life. Nobody is. I do struggle & will keep struggling whole my life to figure it out. And I guess that’s okay.I wrote Self-help/Motivational content not just for my readers, it was for myself too. Most of the times I’ve written articles on the topics where I was struggling at that time. And motivating myself really did help me get through all of those things.Now I hope, everyone got my point here.

A Huge Thank You To Everyone

Thank you

From the professor who suggested me to make a website to the last person who visited my blog, a huge thank you to you all.It will sound little cliche, but this blog is because of all the readers who kept supporting & encouraging me from the beginning. And I’m so grateful to meet such wonderfully talented & kind people who are very important & strong pillar of this blog.Almost 90+% of people who read my blog are the people whom I have never met before. Very few people whom I know reads my blog, except them all are from different side of the world. People from the countries which I’ve never even heard of are also reading my posts. And realising this really makes me happy & overwhelmed.Thank you so much once again. You all are the reason I made it till here.

Final Words

Hopefully I’ll keep writing articles, poems and also posting pictures on this blog for the longest possible. Sometimes I do get scared of running out of topics to write on, but I know I’ll try my best to keep going.And we will celebrate many more Blog anniversaries like this in future.Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions regarding my blog, how to blog, how did I start,or any another questions, ask them in the comments section. I’ll answer the best I can.

Hello , If anyone wants someone to talk to or wants to suggest me topics to write on then feel free to reach out.You can contact me here.

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