Are we still getting a farewell ?

A month ago, I had an idea
to finally write about a place
where I learnt the most
beyond semicolons & curly braces
but the place is locked
not sure if I can bid a final goodbye
the way I thought.

Yes, I’m talking about our college
the one we called “School” for last 4 years
Not that I loved sitting here 7hrs a day
overthinking about an alternate life
if I had chosen a different path

It’s the place where I doubted myself most
and changed as well,
though it was never enough

My Self esteem gasped for one last breath
before getting chocked by underestimation
that I or no one deserves
but wait, this is supposed to sound happy
Because at the end all I want to take back memories and more importantly lessons
(Not the ones from Techmax though)

Let’s talk about what you, me
we all gonna miss the most
I had handful yet constants throughout
who adopted me even when I sat in silence beside
but they were the patient ones
who got to celebrate when I swore for the first time ever

What a moment though!

You taught me patience
Bearing with a misfit
and constant efforts to fit me in
to listen when I was silent
is what I value the most.
I always will

I may not be like the rest
the one who calls you up & rants
but I’ll always be the one that listens
not just hears what you’ve got to say
(but please text me)
(Or text me before calling)
I’ll be there
even though you think I won’t

Let’s talk more about people here
Also about the ones who remains unnamed
without any labels / titles
but played an important in this journey
even if it was just for a moment

You might be already over that moment
A sentence, a gesture, an appreciation
but I have kept all of them safe
those are the ones my self esteem still breathes on

How can I forget to mention the one
who got me into this beautiful accident
of writing my heart out
in a way I could have never imagined

I often feel awkward to express what I truly feel
And I don’t know how long will this pandemic
and later I’ll take to say
you are the kindest teacher, a human
I met at this place

And for rest of the teachers too,
I know most of you don’t remember I exist
but I do and always will remember what you’ve taught
lessons out of the syllabus of engineering
And I appreciate all of them

Even though I have spent most of my time
complaining about this place
I consider myself lucky
to be part of two different batches
to go through multiple failures
and yet able to leave with a feeling of
Gratitude and nothing else

I can still go on for a few more verses
about the things no one ever thought of worth missing
but we all have got assignments to complete
before the deadline
and start studying for the postponed exams

But, are we still getting a Farewell ?

Poem Description

Note: This is a repost. I’m graduated without a farewell.

A month ago I had planned that at this time (April) I will write something dedicated to my friends, teachers and college. And I might have written it after the farewell and posted pictures with my friends, wearing the clothes I have planned from long back. But then lockdown happened.

And I am still wondering, “Are we getting a farewell ?”

I don’t know, nobody does. But I still wanted to write something about it. For a place that has shaped me into what I am today, for the people with whom I have made beautiful memories and had the most amazing time.

Looking back I can see me & my friends often complaining about our college, regretting choosing it. We have had very stressful times in 4 years of education yet all of them ended with laughter, always.

I am grateful each person I have met at this place. Literally everyone.

Okay, enough of my rant. Hopefully we will get our farewell, also a farewell picture with my best friends.

Thank you for reading !

Originally posted 24th April 2020

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