Exhausted poem

I’m exhausted
my mind tries to hold on to a tiny thread
a needle is plucked inside last piece of my heart
trying to make it whole

You’re the tiny thread
that fails to heal
the last crack on my heart
which could neither be yours
nor mine

So i weave it with your phrases
the ones which I dream in my dreams
like an inception
with no spinning top

Phrases far from reality & dreams
made a new universe in my head
with no bodies, no hearts
only thoughts that I go on
Chasing without a finishing line

I cut my mind off the heavy head
throw that damn piece of heart
leave them alone in a maze
and run away with a body with a brain

A brain that no longer releases dopamine
but anxious thoughts, hallucinations and nightmares
where I stab myself with my own nails
until I lie bloodless

I’m too exhausted & out of my mind
to complete this poem
or make sense out of it
and if this is how it ends
I don’t wanna start again

Poem Description

Hello Again! Sorry for disappearing without any break announcement last week. I think I was too exhausted. So, I ended up taking a short break.

Though, this poem has nothing to do with the recent break. I wrote this long back, maybe 4+ months ago. So, I don’t remember why I wrote or what did I mean.

I do remember being exhausted emotionally. I think it was just a poetic rant by me.

Anyway, do share your thoughts about the poem in comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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