Is it true?

You must’ve heard this line a lot of times . Do you believe in this?

Some of you may believe some may not. And it’s okay .

When something goes wrong we feel worthless .We start blaming ,regretting also sometimes crying. And while doing that it’s hard to believe that “Everything happens for a reason “.

Yes , it’s true .Whatever happened to you has a strong & valid reason . If you’ve failed at doing something which you wanted , it means that your were lacking somewhere completing that task .Maybe you weren’t as good as you needed to be.

Again , Yes . There’s a reason why things didn’t go the way you wanted to .

Let me tell you my story :

July 7 2017 . I failed in my second year of engineering. Yes ,I was shattered .I couldn’t believe it. I felt hopeless . I cried ,regretted . I considered myself as a failure. My parents were disappointed .

My whole world was falling .

What did I do?

When regretting phase got over. I knew what I needed to do.

  • Accepted my failure. Told myself that “It’s okay to fail”. (Don’t believe it ? click here).
  • Started working on my weakness.Focused on my weak subjects & passed all of them with good marks.
  • Transformed myself from Fat to fit. I was overweight & wanted to get in shape . I was trying to lose weight from last 2 years , but Wasn’t consistent . Finally , this was the time where I was determined to get fit . And yes ,I did it. I lost 10 kg in 6 months.
  • Learnt meditation. I was always interested in meditation . While I was on year break from college ,I got an opportunity to attend a meditation camp . Its called “Vipassana” . It was a wonderful experience for me & my family. Vipassana has taught a lot to me about myself ,people & life. ( I’ll write a separate blog about Vipassana later).
  • Started reading Books. I was not really fond of reading anything outside of my syllabus ,lol. But this time as I wanted so bad to change myself .I wanted a life changing book to read .So I started reading a book called “The monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin sharma “. When I completed reading this ,I wanted to improve myself .I realized that I’ve been wasting a lot of time .I wanted to work on myself . This was it , now there’s no turning back.

Conclusion :

Do you see why I said at the beginning of blog “Everything happens for a reason “?. I’m sure you do believe now.

That failure was necessary . Without failing I wouldn’t have been what I’m today.

I’m not bragging about myself here. I’m still working on myself , it’s a never ending process .We all need to keep working on ourselves .

The point is always have a Hope .A hope that everything is gonna be okay . If something is gone wrong , you just have to be patient & keep working . That’s it .

Thank you for reading !

Have a great day ahead ๐Ÿ™‚