Don’t complain about being lonely if you expect every person in your life to be perfect.

If you expect your friend, partner, parent(s), relatives to behave in a way(s) that is/are convenient to you then you probably would never be satisfied with anyone you meet in your life.

And then you ranting about how each person you meet is flawed & you being lonely would be the stupidest thing to do.

No one, literally nobody you meet is going to be a perfect match for you.

You might look at a certain friend group and wonder why you don’t meet such people. Or why you don’t have such a friend circle.

But what you miss is that all those perfect looking friend groups/couples/families are imperfect. They do have arguments & disagreements between them. Each person has their own flaws which are hated by the multiple people of that group.

But they don’t give up on those people just because of those flaws. They don’t go on blaming others or being victims for not finding people pleasers.

What makes a relationship work, any kind of relationship is acceptance. I know it’s too cliche but still the truth.

If you can’t even accept the fact that the person in front of you is gonna disappoint in some way at some point, then you will end up lonely.

There’s no one who will please you all the time & do everything as you wish them to do.

Talking about friends, there are many things about my friends that I don’t like. There are things which they support but I don’t. There have been times where I have hated certain things done by my closest friends.

And it’s normal.

There are couples, friends, families, siblings who argue with each other and still stay together forever.

That’s how it’s supposed to be. So next time you find yourself being a victim & blaming people for your loneliness, introspect a little.

In life, there aren’t many people you’re gonna connect with. But even for that we have to give chances to people. and be prepared to be disappointed at times.

Ask yourself what it is that you expect from others. Are you doing those things for others which you expect from others?

Is it really others or you, yourself?

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