Don’t Believe Everything You See or read On The Internet.


Are you believing everything you see on the Internet or Social Media ?

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WordPress, Tik-Tok or whatever. Just do not blindly believe or trust the internet.

Dont believe everything you see on the internet

Hello there. Today, we are going to talk about the Internet/Social Media and how we, the consumers are consuming it’s content blindly and mindlessly. And how it is affecting our mental health.

Without any delay, let’s just start this. In this article I’ll be talking about

List of contents

  • Internet and Consumers (Us)
  • What we need to stop believing and following on Internet
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe Everything On Internet
  • Final words

Internet and Consumers (Us)

Social media

Today, everything is on the internet. From the information you’re going to copy for your school’s project to the food item you’re craving at 3 am in the night.

Any thing you need is just few clicks away. Information, Entertainment, Gadgets, Clothings, Food, Dates, Rides, Jobs, etc. You can have anything you want on the internet.

And we are the consumers who are consuming internet’s services every day, every minute and even every second. We are consuming it through Texts, Pictures, Videos, Movies, Sports, etc. Even right now you’re consuming content of my blog.

Today, everyone is using the internet. From 14 years old kid to 70 years old grandpa. With social media apps we are following our favourite celebrities and checking on them 24/7. We are reading, liking, commenting and sharing hundreds of posts on daily basis.

Things We Need To Stop Believing On The Internet

Dont believe everything you read on internet

1. Numbers of Followers/Likes/Comments/Retweets

This is the most addictive and deadly feature on the internet. These are numbers are keeping people hooked to a certain app. The number of followers/likes/comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even on WordPress have became a standard or status symbol.

These numbers are addictive and helping people to destroy their mental peace. Sounds bit harsh? But it’s a bitter truth. We are judging ourselves based on these numbers and comparing it with others.

Some are so addicted to these numbers that they are even buying followers on Social media. Because they think it makes them look better and above than everyone else. But in reality this addiction of numbers is never ending.

In this way, we are lowering Self worth, Self confidence and doubting our abilities and talents. A person with a great talent is living in self doubt just because they aren’t approved on internet as much as others. This is a very dangerous and discouraging scenario which is going on right now.

2. Quotes / Sayings / Advice

You might wonder what is wrong with quotes, sayings or advice.

There are thousands of quotes and sayings getting liked,commented and shared on social media apps. We all are able to relate to them and share them with our friends & family.

So what’s wrong with them? The wrong thing is to believe and follow everything that we read on these apps. We have access to huge amount of Quotes, Sayings, Advice, etc. But is everything worth to be followed?

Let’s take an example: A Quote about Entrepreneurship –

I would rather hustle 24/7 than slave 9 to 5 – Source: Internet

Well, nothing is wrong with this quote right? But is it applicable to everyone? No, it’s not. Entrepreneurship is one of the things which is being glorified on internet from a long time. Not everyone wants to be or has capabilities to be an entrepreneur.

What this does is get people excited and shows 9-5 job as worthless. This can misguide them while making important decision of choosing their profession.

I didn’t mean to target Entrepreneurship here, it was just one of the examples.

3. Fake Perfectionism

Almost everyone on internet is a perfect person. A perfect Model, Bodybuilder, Writer, Entertainer, etc. Because internet is a place where everyone wants to show a happy & positive side of life. We see people travelling around the world, clicking perfect pictures with their partners and showcasing their perfect life.

But is it really true? Are they really living a perfect life as they show it on their social media?

Not at all.

And I don’t mean that they are doing it wrong or to make someone feel bad about themselves. Still it does affect on the viewers and can make them doubt themselves.

It happens with all of us. If we see someone we know uploading happy pictures from vacation while we are sitting at our home, we naturally feel bad about ourselves. We need to understand the reality that what we see on our screen is not the real truth.

No one is living a perfect life & no one can. There will always be negative behind every positive picture. So stop being too harsh on yourself by believing on such virtual perfectionism.

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4. Fake News / Hateful Content on Social Media

Social media is the best tool for the people who wants to spread fake news or hateful content with large number of people. Because it’s now easier to reach people even they are sitting at the corner of the world.

Due to such ease in accessing huge number of people, fake news or hateful content is being shared via Articles, Images, Videos, etc. This people whose motive is to manipulate people and spread negativity around the world, uses different editing softwares and show things as they want to.

As the number of people using internet has reached heights, this type of content is getting shared tremendously. And the worst thing is people believe in such fake news and content even without knowing the reality behind.

Recently, The Twitter trending section is being flooded with hateful contents. And it’s very disturbing to see people abusing/hating each others, their religions and countries.

And this type of content can disturb a person’s mental peace. It produces unnecessary feelings of Hate and Anger. (Happens with me all the time)

So, should you believe everything you see on the internet?

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe Everything You See Or Read On The Internet

Why you should not believe everything on internet

1. It Is Not 100% Real

Everything you watch, read or share on internet is not real. This is one of the most important reason why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet.

The internet or social media is showing you what you want to see. It’s showing things to you in a way that can keep you hooked to your screens.

The purpose of the people behind social media is to make money out of you. Be it App Developers, Social media influencers, Motivational Speakers, etc. So they are modifying and manipulating things to make most of the profit.

This doesn’t mean that everything on internet is fake ( Most of it is fake). Still, you need to make sure that what is being shown to you is true or not. Are there any real proofs of the news or any evidence that Pictures/videos are not edited? You need to be aware about such things before believing on what you see.

2. You’re Different Than Others

Yes, you are. And no one can know you better than yourself. So stop following and believing everything you see on internet.

If someone on internet is working hard to get six pack abs , it doesn’t mean you should do it too. Don’t make someone else’s goals as yours. You’re different & your goals too.

Stop letting someone else make you feel bad about you or your goals. You are unique and the only person who knows what you want is you. Find your passion, set your goals and work on them.

Don’t make yourself feel inferior than others just because they are more appealing in social media. Always try to find what you want and not what others are doing or expecting from you.

3. You’re Much More Than Numbers

The numbers of Likes / Comments / Followers aren’t not going to define your worth. These numbers won’t increase your respect, abilities or talents.

If a person has 1 Million followers on some social media app and some other person has 100 followers, it doesn’t mean that the former is better than latter in any way. In reality a person with less number of followers on social media might be so much more talented than others.

So , don’t fall for the numbers. Do not run behind increasing numbers. Because it will never end, you will keep craving for more & more. There will always be someone with more followers than you & you will get stuck.

4. Your Goals Needs To Be Set By You Not Others

Motivational content eg: Stories, Videos, Quotes, etc are trending all over the internet. We all love to witness such stories and feel motivated by them.

So what’s wrong with them? Nothing is wrong unless you know what you need to learn from it & what not. See, every inspirational story isn’t for you. You don’t need to climb the Mount Everest just because a motivational speaker told you to.

Don’t let this Stories, Advice, Quotes drive you away from your own goals. You’ve to ask yourself what you really want and not run a race because everyone else is doing it.

Choose your path & your destination.

This is why, you should not believe anything you on the internet or social media.

Final Words

Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet

The topic of this article came in my mind as recently I’ve been observing the huge amount of Fake news and Hateful content is being shared on the Internet. People are believing it and also sharing it.

Also, how the content on Social media is affecting our mental health and making us feel inferior than others. So, I wanted to write down my thoughts on this ASAP.

Through this article I want to convey a message that you should not believe or share anything on Internet unless there is a solid proof. Also, you don’t need to fit in to any standards defined by others on Social Media platforms.

I hope my message is conveyed you & if it really did then do share this with others too.

Let me know what did you take away from this article in comments section. Did you already agree with it or Did it change your opinion now?

Thank you for reading!

[Updated: 24 October 2020]

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