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Does Love Distract You From Your Goals ?

Love will distract you from your goals.

You’ve probably heard this from your parents, siblings or friends older than you. Basically, from the people who have more life experience than you.

And I’m sure you didn’t really listen to this advice in your younger days. Unless you got into a crazy relationship and it messed up your studies and other personal goals.

Well, let’s see if this piece of advice is true or not.

It depends.

No one can really prove that love can be a distraction to your personal goals or career. That would be a very harsh judgement on Love.

Love or relationships between immature people who have limited amounts of knowledge about people, love, relationships and life experiences, can be called a “distraction“.

Love / Relationships In Teenage

At teen age it’s tough to sustain a healthy relationship. You, your partner, both are still learning about everything.

You guys don’t even know who you are and what you want. You might have got attracted to each other because one of you smiled at the other & reminded of some romantic song.

It sounds silly, but that’s what happens in that age.

Your brain produces these crazy chemicals and that makes you feel damn good. So you keep doing it by thinking about this person, texting them from your parents phone, waiting for them after school/college and ignoring your studies.

You invest so much of you in this relationship but it doesn’t work out. Why?

Because the relationship was based on attraction, fantasies or sudden spike in your hormones.

It was meant to fail.

So, yes! Love or relationships in younger age can prove to be a serious distraction from your personal goals.

What About Love/ Relationships in the 20’s ?

You might be wondering why your relationship in your 20’s failed?

There are people who remain immature irrespective of their age. Age can never define maturity of a person.

In case of relationships, maturity is achieved when a person accepts and learns from mistakes he/she made in previous relationships.

But it also doesn’t mean that mature people won’t experience relationship failures.

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Okay, let’s get back to the topic.

A mature person will never let any relationship or a person distract him/her from his/her personal goals. And will make sure that he/she doesn’t distract his/her partner too.

We can’t be so harsh on Love by calling it as a distraction. There are many successful couples who have achieved so much in their lives without affecting their partner’s career or goals.

They have actually inspired each other to get better & achieve more.

Is Love Still A Distraction ?

Again, it depends.

You can’t generalize it based on a few failed relationships of immature and confused people.

The right person will never distract you from doing whatever you want to do outside of your relationship.

Because this person also has a different life outside this relationship. This person has personal goals to work on, exams to prepare for, workout sessions to hit, friends to meet, etc. That’s why he/she will understand.

So, it’s up to you. You are the one who will choose your person so you better be right.

If your chosen one makes you feel bad, confused or guilty for taking out time for your personal goals & life, then you must have made a wrong choice.

It’s time to leave that relationship as it is going to harm both of you.

Hope I made some sense here. Let me know if I did or not.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Well said!! If someone truly loves you and they care about you, they will make you realise your worth and will give time for doing your own things. And also you must be mature enough to understand that you aren't going in wrong direction and first identify your goals and boundaries.

    • Exactly! The right person won't make you feel guilty for choosing yourself 🤗

      Thank you for your immense and consistent support ❤️🙌

  • Truly written all the points and as u said it depends from person to person also where u said that maturity doesn't depend upon age, I totally agrEe with that!

    • Thank you so much ❤️❤️ Yes, we need to stop relating maturity with age.

  • Wow, Sumeet. This write up of yours was such a thought provoking one. I used to think the same that getting into a relationship is super stressful and you won't get time for yourself much. It used to scare me a bit but reading your views has really changed my opinion in a good way. 😁 That's true. True love won't divert us from things that matter to us. Instead they would stand by our side to support us in pursuing our goals and we must do the exact same for them. 💙 What an interesting and thoughtful post. Really made me happy. Thankyou for writing this, Sumeet. 🌟

    • What you think is valid too. The world is full of confused people who don't know what they want or who they are. So being in a relationship with such a person can be stressful for sure.

      But yeah, the right person will not divert you from anything.

      Thank you so much, glad that it made you happy ❤️❤️🤗

  • Love is a distraction by both the excitement and stress. But when you find the right partner, it's also a great support for life in general. . .

  • I completely agree with you on this. It depends totally on the people in relationship. If both people in relationship help each other grow and; understand and support each others goals and aspirations then it's not distraction. 😊

    • Exactly! It totally depends on the people, calling love as a distraction is harsh

  • I'm really lucky to have got my guy who encourages me to pursue my goals with more dedication always ❤

  • Such an interesting article ! I completely agree - I believe that when you are young, you experience different partners that TEACH you and are great LESSONS for your future self. When you're young you and your partner are still growing and learning about yourself! That's why high school sweethearts are so rare, because it's honestly such a special thing to grow together during that time.
    Definitely went through lots of lessons before I met my ONE. Not only attraction but lessons that we continue to teach EACH OTHER is what strengthens our relationships. I push him, he pushes me. Our strive for better lives is one of the reasons that is so attractive about one another.
    I hope every single person finds a love like that and NEVER lets it go.
    Thanks for a great read !

    • Such a beautiful comment ! I completely agree that all those failed relationships and different partners teach you lessons about so many things. They tell us what we really want and who we are.

      And I'm so glad to know that you have found your one & wishing you best to keep going strong together each & everyday❤️❤️❤️

  • I couldn’t agree more! When we are young most of us think we know better and that we can handle everything without listening to the advices parents give. But it takes time for us to understand the mistake we’ve made by not listening to mature people who know better. Most of the times the reason these teenage relationships fail is because both partners don’t have enough maturity or experience to handle a bond with deep love, understanding, respect and compassion even if they think they are matured and everything is going good. I’ve seen that some of the relationships that started at very young age becoming really toxic with time but couple end up getting married which creates hell of a marriage life. Someone who’s a great partner will always support us to achieve our goals while making sure to work on his/her own goals without making the bond toxic. It’s truly a blessing to have someone like that in life. I enjoyed reading this article and its very well written. Have a wonderful day 🌻

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