Love will distract you from your goals.

You’ve probably heard this from your parents, siblings or friends older than you. Basically, from the people who have more life experience than you.

And I’m sure you didn’t really listen to this advice in your younger days. Unless you got into a crazy toxic relationship and it messed up your studies and other personal goals.

Well, let’s see if this piece of advice is true or not.

Does love distract you from your goals

It depends.

No one can really prove that love can be a distraction to your personal goals or career. That would be a very harsh judgement on Love.

Love or relationships between immature people who have limited amounts of knowledge about people, love, relationships and life experiences, can be called a “distraction”.

Love / Relationships In Teenage

At teen age it’s tough to sustain a healthy relationship. You, your partner, both are still learning about everything.

You guys don’t even know who you are and what you want. You might have got attracted to each other because one of you smiled at the other & reminded of some romantic song.

It sounds silly, but that’s what happens in that age.

Your brain produces these crazy chemicals and that makes you feel damn good. So you keep doing it by thinking about this person, texting them from your parents phone, waiting for them after school/college and ignoring your studies.

You invest so much of you in this relationship but it doesn’t work out. Why?

Because the relationship was based on attraction, fantasies or sudden spike in your hormones.

It was meant to fail.

So, yes! Love or relationships in younger age can prove to be a serious distraction from your personal goals.

What About Love/ Relationships in the 20’s ?

You might be wondering why your relationship in your 20’s failed?

There are people who remain immature irrespective of their age. Age can never define maturity of a person.

In case of relationships, maturity is achieved when a person accepts and learns from mistakes he/she made in previous relationships.

But it also doesn’t mean that mature people won’t experience relationship failures.

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Okay, let’s get back to the topic.

A mature person will never let any relationship or a person distract him/her from his/her personal goals. And will make sure that he/she doesn’t distract his/her partner too.

We can’t be so harsh on Love by calling it as a distraction. There are many successful couples who have achieved so much in their lives without affecting their partner’s career or goals.

They have actually inspired each other to get better & achieve more.

Is Love Still A Distraction ?

Again, it depends.

You can’t generalize it based on a few failed relationships of immature and confused people.

The right person will never distract you from doing whatever you want to do outside of your relationship.

Accidental Blogger

Because this person also has a different life outside this relationship. This person has personal goals to work on, exams to prepare for, workout sessions to hit, friends to meet, etc. That’s why he/she will understand.

So, it’s up to you. You are the one who will choose your person so you better be right.

If your chosen one makes you feel bad, confused or guilty for taking out time for your personal goals & life, then you must have made a wrong choice.

It’s time to leave that relationship as it is going to harm both of you.

Hope I made some sense here. Let me know if I did or not.

Thank you for reading!

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13 thoughts to “Does Love Distract You From Your Goals?

  • Over Soil

    Q: Are our goals at any age worth keeping, compared to genuine love? Q: Does education give love a genuine concern? Q: Where do any of us learn about love?

    • Accidental Blogger

      If those goals makes sense to you along with genuine love by your side, then yes. They are worth keeping.

      And no, we don’t learn to love, we just do it.

      What say?

      • Over Soil

        Genuine love to me is not just for couples or just a one to one…, I feel that love is for everyone, for each other to share e.g. the love of others we have only just met to save them from being run over in the street or the genuine love that is so dismissed in a society that bases so much value on money, fame… and couples love. Look up “Reclaim Love” by Venus CuMara as that will give you an insight as to what I mean. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

  • Zoewiezoe

    Love still (and will) always distracts me from everything 😳🤷‍♀️.
    I fall deep, hard and passionately when I do, including the dramatic armsweep clearing the entire desk. I don’t think that’s a maturity thing. It’s a choice. Love to me does come first…and has the right to. I like its distracting qualities 🤭🤐

    • Accidental Blogger

      Hahaha, Love this.

      True that, love can distract you if you are someone who is a passionate lover who loves too much 😉

      Yep, it’s a choice. But the right choice is often made by people who are clear & true to their values. I guess this is what makes them mature, that’s why it’s a maturity thing in my opinion 😉

      Being deeply & madly in love is our deep rooted fantasy lol. Thanks to romcoms 🤭

  • Moushmi Radhanpara

    It could, it couldn’t. I really think it depnds. But again, once in a while distraction proves good too.

    • Accidental Blogger

      If the love is worth then yes, distractions are good then 🙈❤️

  • Simantini

    It is only when my love fails I realize that I have made a fool of myself and it has caused such a lot of distractions.But otherwise when I am deeply in love, I am shadowed and beguiled.Lol. Distractions do really happen when one is in love,but I love to cling to such distractions because they are comforting.Moreover distractions cannot outrun the love you feel.😅😅
    Amazing post!❤️

    • Accidental Blogger

      I know right 😅😅 We have let love distracts us at first then we know if it was worth or not.

      We all want to be distracted by love until someone breaks our heart bad and we start hating everyone🥰😂

      Thank youuu❤️❤️

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