Have you ever been in that weird situation where you realised that you’re trying to get over someone you didn’t even date or were in relationship with.

It’s crazy how sometimes we give a person so much they don’t even deserve or even asked for.

All this realisation stuck when the ship has already sailed, so you can’t really do much to undo the damage. But you can definitely save so much of your time by getting out of this mess ASAP.

I’ll keep this short & to the point.

How to get over someone you never dated

Get Them Off The Pedestal

If you’re trying get over someone you haven’t in been with then it’s obvious that you’re giving this person too much importance. You have kept them on pedestal & all you see about them is glittery things.

First thing you need to do is get them off that pedestal & look at them as they are. Not as the lover from your dreams who is sent by the universe for you.

You have been fantasizing over them so much that you can’t even see that they don’t want you.

Maybe they did give you attention at times, had deep & enlightening conversations with you & even flirted with you (when they were bored). But you can’t cling onto those memories & glorify them to the point you start misleading yourself.

And the worst thing would to be stuck on the same person even after they have refused to be with you. This happens when someone has put a person on a pedestal. Because then you fail to see them as a normal person in your life.

So stop it right now if you haven’t yet. If you happen to go back in past & look at those good memories, don’t forget to spot the red flags you missed earlier. Try to dig there deeper & you’ll find out that it was never meant to be.

It was you who was blinded by your own fantasies & daydreaming. It’s not necessarily other person’s fault unless they were doing it on purpose.

So, to get over someone you never dated or been with, first try get over your own made up fantasies/scenarios with that person. Cut off from them completely until you’ve truly understood & accepted that you two are not meant to be. Also, he/she isn’t the last person you going to connect with.

And never forget

Sometimes people aren’t interested in you, they are just bored.

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