Do real relationships exist ?

Do they ?

Relationships in this generations are like “Let’s be in a relationship until we find a better option” .

Most of the relationships are based conditions . As long as his/her needs are getting fulfilled he/she stays in a relationship. If not then they instantly look for other options .

This is an era of Internet , Social media & Smartphones. The problem this things have created is that people have unlimited choices for what they want. For example : If a person doesn’t like some “X app” , he can easily go other thousands of available apps.

And this principle is getting applied by people in relationships also . If a relationship is having some difficulties instead of trying solve them , people look for other available options & break up .

Let’s go deeper & look for problems in relationships :

Problems with relationships

  1. Relationship based on Looks/Money/Status – This is the biggest mistake people make while choosing a partner . You can never know a person by his/her external characteristics such as Looks/Physique/Money. This kind of relationships last until you meet real person behind that attractive external qualities.
  2. Lack of self love – A person who doesn’t love himself/herself looks for that love from others . One should never get into relationship until he can love himself . This people will never be happy even if they are with someone because they always expect more from their partner .
  3. Loneliness – A lot of people are going through this . They are lonely even if they have so many people around them. This lonely people after getting into relationship rely on their partners for their happiness . Eventually such relationships break as one of them is pressurizing other one .
  4. Loving too much – Anything too much is not good . Sometimes people love too much that they lose their own individuality in loving someone. This kind of toxic relationship never last & person who loves too much loses everything he/she had .

How does an ideal relationship look like?

  1. Relationship based on Qualities – A relationship based on qualities is what you need to look for . Because the external appearance is not going to last forever but qualities will . So this kind of relationships will definitely last .
  2. Relationship which adds value – An ideal relationship adds value to individual life for both members . When you’re with quality partner he/she will inspire & motivate you to be better version of yourself & vice versa . A relationship where both grow together individually .
  3. TRUST- Trust is the most important factor of an ideal relationship . Without trust no relationship will work .Trusting each other is what makes relationship healthy & strong.
  4. Respect – Respecting each other is another important factor in a relationship. Mutual respect for each other’s choices & decisions needs to be there in a relationship. Also accepting partner for who he/she is & understanding that “Nobody is perfect” is needed.

So this is what I think about real relationships which are rare these days .

When you truly love someone, you don’t look for reasons , you look beyond reasons ❀

Thank you for reading & let me know your views on relationships in comment section below πŸ™‚