Devkund Waterfall

So finally we made it to Devkund Waterfall. We(Me & My friends) had been planning to visit this place from last two years & it finally happened two weeks ago.

Till now, this was the most thrilling and adventurous places I’ve visited. I’m not very fond of treks to be honest. Or better I would say that I’m quite afraid of them. But after coming back safe & getting to witness such beauty of the nature, I must say it was totally worth.

Devkund waterfall is located in the Bhira village in Raigad district. It’s almost 7 km trek from the base village with three river streams to cross. Crossing those river streams during the heavy rain was truly a thrill. It’s something I’ll never forget.

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t click more pictures of the waterfall (Though I’ve clicked more pictures of surrounding nature), as it was raining all the time. Thank to Motorola for creating Water resistant phones. I did manage to click few good pictures.

Enough words on this Wordless Wednesday. I’ll post another picture on next Wednesday , till then enjoy this Beautiful waterfall.

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