Desperate poem

The worst feeling?
That feeling of being a desperate
makes me wanna apologise
for the words I spelled
the air I breathe in

Tonight, I’ve gathered all of my dying courage
to write this down to everyone
for how I bothered them all
with my existence

The sun is setting
sky turns orange squinting my eyes
and I’m writing this long apology poem
To be read none of you

Why would anyone?

I’m sorry if you confused me for a protagonist sitting near the window seat
Now that the clouds have left the sky
I stand here tainted in clear blue

I used to roam in the streets in 45 degree
Covering my arms with full sleeves
And none of you asked why
You all

Everytime I utter a word
I take out the knife in my pocket
to carve a mark on my skin
a reminder painted with blood

Wish I could erase myself
every time someone looked at me
So, all that will be left behind
are the drops that my sleeves spilled
on the roads I evaporated

~ In Collab with Pallavi from Pastel Town

Poem Description

Desperate. This poem was waiting  in my notes app to get completed from more than 3 months. I had barely written the first lines and left it that way.

Thanks to Pallavi who helped me in not only completing this but gave this poem a very interesting twist or an angle. So, the two best verses from this poem are written by her and rest by me.

And do check her blog and motivate her to post more consistently. Here’s the link to her blog : Pastel Town

PS: I don’t have any cuts under my sleeves. 

I post Articles on Mondays, Photographs on Wednesdays and Poems on Fridays every week.

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