Deja vu poem

Deja vu.

I feel like I’ve been here
I’ve seen this sky filled with clouds
some running
some floating
and some drifting away

But all of them heading in the same direction
where i had experienced it the most
the place where I was left alone
by the same clouds
under the blank sky

I can see that place
kissing the peak of a distant mountain
that’s where I lied down
through the sunrise and sunsets
rains and summers
storms and earthquakes

All I wished was a couple of these clouds
in my blank sky
I see them coming now
taking the shapes I admired most
filling the voids in my sky

But ..
I don’t want them anymore
I wish they run away sooner than the last time
Now I miss my blank sky
more than the clouds

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Poem Description

This is literally an accidental poem. I was about to write something totally different, and not a poem at all. Maybe a rant about something going in my head.

But then somehow I ended up writing a poem called Deja Vu. And I love this for being accidental and effortless.

What do you guys think about it?

Let me know in the comments!

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