Poem for Parents

Dear parents,

It’s been 6 years, since I made you smile.

6 Years ago I made you proud

brought tears of happiness in your eyes.

Since then, I’ve been constantly letting you down.

Year after year, I’ve kept getting worse.

I kept letting you down again and again.

But you were still there for me

With a smile and hope that I’ll do better next time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Yet again, you were with all your support.

Anyone else at your place wouldn’t have done that

Today, If I’m able to stand again

After falling every time I tried to stand tall

it’s because the feeling of your presence

which will be there for me every time I lose my balance

Dear Parents ,

One day, I’ll make sure that

I bring back those tears of happiness back in your eyes.

Thank you for everything.

This poem is dedicated to my Dear Parents. I wrote this around a month ago when I realized how I have been letting my parents down in past few years. Still, they have never said a word but always provided me full support. I wrote this with a hope of making them proud again.

Though, I do not have courage to show them this poem. This poem will be like a reminder to me.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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