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Darkness | Insomnia – Poem

Look, I was not quite familiar with the
empty 3:00 am nights
when you told me about your insomnia
“It’s just your messed up routine
and junk food diet”,
I thought

Until tonight
when I turned off the lights
and started writing this poem
while you’re busy painting an art on your nail

Darkness isn’t really that dark, you know
I can still look at the things in my room
the clock, the bed and everything
like myself, the one who was with you
deprived of sleep and self respect
yet full of love

Things around me in my room
stays still
even in this darkness
but the love that was left with me
is nowhere to be found
not even when I turn the lights on

You know why?
Because I always gave it away
to the ones
who forgot to return it back
I must have stopped somewhere
and dive inside myself to know
what & how much was left behind
but I didn’t

See, darkness isn’t a lonely place
as they always say
I can see myself here
in past, present and future
making mistakes, breaking promises and waking up in mornings without any sleep

But I like it here
the quietness helps me to listen
to the voice that is often silenced
by my own hands with
fear & anxiety written over them

You wanna know more about this two?
In some other poem, I guess.

Look, I was not born with all these issues in my brain
I didn’t grow up with them either
it’s the people who didn’t leave me
even when they left

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Poem Description

Reference to the time (5 years ago prob.) when I thought an insomniac is a person who stays up late in night.

I’ve wrote this poem few weeks back when I was not able to sleep in the night. And that is actually everyday, I’m sleeping in the morning.

But I am not suffering with Insomnia, it’s just my messed up schedule. Though I spend my nights overthinking which later turns into poems.

That’s a win, right?

Thank you for reading!

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