Crying without tears poem

Tonight, I am Crying without tears.

As I lay down on my bed late at night,

I keep looking at my phone

waiting for it to flash notification

a message from you

It’s been more than a week,

since we stopped talking as we used to

You said it will help me

to get over you quickly.

I pretended to be strong,

But it turned out against me .

It’s been more than hour now,

still there’s no sign of you

I keep looking at my wallpaper,

thinking where did I go wrong?

Why I couldn’t stop you?

Why did I let you go?

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that,

Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,

Maybe it’s all my fault.

And this guilt is killing me

faster than I thought.

You already know,

The only person with whom

I wanted to share anything

was you.

Now, you’re not there to listen to me.

You still say

“I’ll be there for you always”,

but will you really be there?

I look outside the window,

I see the moon looking back at me

Then I remember ,

You always looked at the moon whenever you missed me.

Tonight ,

I’m looking at the moon

thinking if you’re looking at it too?

Whether it still reminds me of you?

It’s been already so late,

maybe I should try to sleep now.

But then I want to cry.

I want to cry out so loud,

But I can’t.

I want to let it out ,

I’m tired of holding it back

but my tears have become stubborn

just like you.

So here I am ,

laying down on my bed

looking at the moon,

Crying without tears.

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