Yes, you read it right. Communication is sexy not the jawline, collar bone or rolled up sleeves.
First of all, by communication what I mean is open communication between two people. This can be between friends, parents or couples.

So, it’s not about how you communicate to impress others or crack an interview or a presentation. It’s communication between two people.

And the topic is inspired by one of Dushka Zapata‘s quora answers where she mentioned “Communication is sexy” and I’m still not over it. I love how simple yet important it is.

Check Dushka’s Quora Profile/answers here: Dushka Zapata Quora

What Do I Exactly Mean?

communication is sexy

In today’s world where everyone is busy ignoring/ghosting people to avoid difficult conversations, open communication is rare.

When things don’t work out between people or have misunderstandings, instead of trying to address it, we prefer ignoring it.

We have forgotten, in fact many don’t even know how an open conversation is done. It scares them. And I literally read a tweet on the similar lines.
Here you go:

Benefits Of Open Communication

1. Saves You From Getting Hurt

I want you go back to a bitter experience in your past where you were hurt by someone. Maybe it was because you lost a friend, got cheated on or separated with partner.

Now imagine during these scenarios you & other people had clear communication. That you know that they or you were going through and gonna do next.

Yes, the breakup/separation will still hurt but won’t it be a little less painful?

With clear communication even heartbreaks can hurt less.

There are examples where a couple broke up without much pain. Because they had clear & open communication throughout their relationship, so even though it’s a sad experience it won’t hurt them that strongly.

Doesn’t it sound like a healthy relationship? It’s so much to have that painful conversation & end things than pretending that there’s nothing wrong.

Endings are sad, that’s true. But when there is no proper communication for it, it becomes even sadder.

2. Reduces Unnecessary Drama & Improves Relationships

How often do you see that things go wrong between close people & then one of them or both start ignoring. They stay silent on what’s bothering & find ways to avoid talking about it.

The more we avoid difficult conversations the more the relationship is going to suffer.

But if there are friends/couple/family members who can openly (maybe awkwardly) talk about their true feelings/thoughts, the bond will grow much stronger.

Again imagine, one of the closed one let you know that they will not be in touch with you for some time & they will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

It will save you so much of time which might have been spent in wondering what went wrong, was that you, did they find someone new, etc. You will feel respected and respect that person as you two have honest and clear communication.

This way you’ll get even closer to people in your life and accept them for who they are and not your imaginated version of them and vice versa.

Isn’t that Sexy?

To have people in your life who are not afraid of saying what they want without unnecessary drama like ignoring, ghosting, pretending and wasting time. Also, with whom you can be you without worrying if you’re too much.

This one’s for me as much as the readers of this article. Hopefully we all have the courage to communicate ourselves openly & be sexiest we have ever been.

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