Clouds and cables pictures

Clouds and Cables, things which makes pictures on my blog complete.

Isn’t it obvious for cables to be present when I click pictures of sky ? (Yet I’m pretending to be funny)

Hey everyone!

Here’s an old picture from my gallery of cloudy sky, an electric tower, cables, trees and few buildings.

It’s just 4 months old picture still brings back so many memories.

Rain, Classes, Rejections, Conversations, Poems, Articles, Songs, Ugh.. so many things.

Also, this week an old friend (whom I met wordpress) joined wordpress again. That’s when I realised almost 99.99 % bloggers whom I met in my early days of blogging and from whom I learned so much about writing aren’t blogging anymore.

And this is sad. I know you guys got busy with your lives & stopped blogging but wordpress felt better with your presence.

None of them are going to read this yet I’m writing this.

Also, I’ve no idea why I wrote this instead of writing about this picture

And why a 4 months old picture took me a year back in the time.

Hope you guys are having great time.

Thank you for reading!

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