Clouds and cables

Note: This is a repost, so the text below won’t make much sense rn.

Clouds and Cables, things which makes pictures on my blog complete.

Isn’t it obvious for cables to be present when I click pictures of sky ?(Yet I’m pretending to be funny)

Hey everyone!

Here’s an old picture from my gallery of cloudy sky, an electric tower, cables, trees and few buildings.

It’s just 4 months old picture still brings back so many memories.

Rain, Classes, Rejections, Conversations, Poems, Articles, Songs, Ugh.. so many things.

Also, this week an old friend (whom I met wordpress) joined wordpress again. That’s when I realised almost 99.99 % bloggers whom I met in my early days of blogging and from whom I learned so much about writing aren’t blogging anymore.

And this is sad. I know you guys got busy with your lives & stopped blogging but wordpress felt better with your presence.

None of them are going to read this yet I’m writing this.

Also, I’ve no idea why I wrote this instead of writing about this picture

And why a 4 months old picture took me a year back in the time.

Hope you guys are having great time.

Thank you for reading!

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