Choosing Unconventional Career – What Parents Need To Understand

Has your child just finished with boards exams?

Are you worried about what career he/she should choose?

Have you already chosen a career for your child?

Have you already chosen a conventional career for your child?

Wait.. But have you asked your child what he/she wants to do?

Today , I’ve something to say for parents. I want you to know this before you assign a career to your child..

Let’s start!

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First of all ,the reason why I chose this topic to write a article is quiet interesting. So few days back , I had an Online Pre-Placement Test at college. In Writing English Test ,I got topic “Need Of Parents support To Children Choosing unconventional career“. I wanted to write more about this topic in the test but there was word limit of 242. Also, I thought I could’ve written in a better way. That’s why I chose this topic for my blog.

Anyway , let’s come back to the original topic of the post. In this post , I’ll try to explain about What is An Unconventional Career , What are parents expectations, Why parents’ support is needed ,etc.

What Is An Unconventional Career?

Choosing Unconventional career - What parents need to understand

A career which is not conventional is an unconventional career. It’s that simple , right? Conventional career are those which are pursued by most of people in society. Some do it as they are genuinely interested while others do it because either they don’t know what they want to do or their parents forcefully enrolled them.

Most common conventional careers are Engineering ,Medical , Government Job ,etc. The society has marked these careers as the ideal careers for everyone. If you don’t choose a career from these conventional careers then you are most likely not considered to have a bright future.

Career in fields like Acting , Dancing , Fine arts , Singing, Writing, etc are considered as unconventional careers.

People considers this careers as career options with no future. They believe that someone who takes up these careers won’t be successful in his/her life.

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Why Are These Careers Unconventional?

Choosing Unconventional Career - What Parents Need To Understand

  1. Society – Society has set careers like Engineering, Medical, Commerce as ideal career options for everyone. So if someone decides to go out of the way & choose a different career then he/she is already judged as a failure. Without even knowing about the skills & interest of that person , society already defines his/her future.
  2. Comparison – People love comparisons. Like, parents always compare their child with others. They have a fear of what others will say about them when thier child fails to do what others did.
  3. Fear of failure Chances of failure are considered to be high when someone chooses an unconventional career. Though there are equal chances of failure in conventional careers. In an unique career one has to stand out from others. That’s why there’s always fear associated with an unconventional career.

What Parents Need To Understand?

Choosing Unconventional Career - What Parents Need To Understand

  1. Every Child Is Different Yes, you heard it right. Everyone does not have same skills, interests , qualities ,etc. If a person is good at something doesn’t mean everyone else should also become good at it.
  2. There Is No Ideal CareerA career doesn’t become an ideal career just because most of the people you know have chosen it. An ideal career is a career chosen on the basis of skills & genuine interest in that field.
  3. Stop ComparingAgain, everyone is different. Stop comparing your child with others. Everyone is born with equal amount of skills & abilities but they are different. Your child doesn’t need to do what others are doing.
  4. Support Your ChildWhen your child has interest in doing something unconventional, then do not just refuse without understanding him/her. Your child is young & unaware about a lot of things. You being a mature & experienced parent, need to guide your child to the right path.

Final Words

I’ve always observed that parents mostly want their child to choose career which is chosen by their relative’s or friend’s children. Because they think only that career can earn them respect in the society. That’s why most of the children are studying in which they are not interested or doing job which they don’t like at all.

Here, parents must know their child’s skills & interests before assigning them a career. And if a child is interested in doing something unconventional then you must provide full support.

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