Love, it’s a chemical reaction
that comes and goes

When I fell for you the first time
I didn’t even know that I did
It just happened
like a chemical reaction in a lab full of clueless teenagers
wearing oversized lab coats

But do chemical reactions happen on their own?
It was you
the one who dreamt of me in your dream
you pulled me in your world
holding my hand
the way it always needed to be held
gentle yet firm

You showed me the colours of your town
running through fields of flowers
dancing in the cold streams of water
until we fell hard on the ground
staring at the stars so clear & close

We made love like it was meant to be
that I was the part of your world
you always were looking for in every other world you visited
and to me
you were like finding back home
the lost one

But damn, chemical reactions
Do they really last forever?
Or they just get lost
turn into something unknown
or known
which’s written on some research papers
proven by bunch of adults who wore the same labcoats

I wish our love wasn’t chemical reaction
which comes and goes
I wish I could really be the part of your world
which you still keep looking for
Me, A part of you
you, a part of me
We both a collection of extraordinary atoms
bonded forever

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