STOP Playing The “Blame Game” – Why And How
stop playing the blame game

Stop playing the Blame game right now. Yes, you need to put that remote control down and stop wasting your time with this stupid game. How and why? Let’s dive deep to know. Hello everyone! As title suggests, I’m asking you to stop blaming others right now. Because I know you do it. I do […]

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Why You Should Question Your Beliefs

Have you ever asked yourself why you believe what you believe? You, me, we all have been carrying these beliefs all our lives. Maybe our family members, friends and other people or the experiences that we had influenced us and planted beliefs in us. And we let them grow without wondering why. But can’t we […]

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7 Signs You’re Healing Emotionally

We all are broken, aren’t we? You can be broken for many reasons, very complicated ones. A Major loss, a heartbreak, being abused or bullied and many more. You already know most of them. But today, we are going to talk about Healing emotionally from all of these. One of the most peaceful feelings you’ll […]

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How To Help Someone Without Being Used

What dumb topic, right? Who needs to know or learn how to help someone? Some of you might have thoughts like these after reading the title but hopefully you’ll find the perspective new. This isn’t going to be about ways to help someone who is going through adversities in their life. It’s more about you […]

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How To Stop Getting Mad Over Little Things
Stop getting mad over little things

If you’re mad at someone right now, read this till the end. Be it for a reason or no reason, being mad at someone will always affect you more than the other person. The more you think negative about someone, more negativity gets attracted to you. So if you are someone who gets mad at […]

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When You’re Stuck

Have you ever been stuck at same place? Where you lost motivation to move further? Where you can’t stop overthinking? Where you couldn’t find any way out? I’m sure you have. Actually I’m stuck right now at a same place where I can’t see any way out. But don’t worry , till the end of […]

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