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4 Things To Keep In Mind About Sharing Posts On Social Media

Are you addicted to sharing posts on social media the moment you see them? Especially the exclusive news about injustice, economy failure, wars, and almost everything that is going wrong around you. Initially, social media was all about sharing selfies,… Continue Reading →

Are We All Attention Seekers? – 4 Signs Of Toxic Attention Seeking Behaviour

Are you an attention seeker? You’ll probably say “No”, because in our eyes we aren’t. When we talk about the behavior of Attention seeking, we think of it as a negative behaviour which other people possess, and not us. But… Continue Reading →

5 Types Of Memes I Hate To Look At

Have you spent a day without looking at a Meme? It’s quite impossible as memes are everywhere and we all love them. Every social media site is full of funny memes on every topic and they receive a huge amount… Continue Reading →

Why Hating Someone Is So STUPID (And How To Stop It)

Do you have a person around or far away from you who spoils your mood the moment you see them, hear them or even when someone talks about them? You are pretty convinced that you hate this person to the… Continue Reading →

Start Thinking On Your Own

When was the last time you thought about something on your own ? You might say something like “I am thinking all the time“. No, not that way. I mean when did you think about a certain topic without being… Continue Reading →

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