I Wrote A Poem For You

I wrote a poem for you to say the things which I have always feared to say and do To explain you meaning of the unnoticed subtle hints and awkward silences between us I weaved verses together and rhymed the words which I swallowed before they reached you To make you look down, cover your […]

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Five Feet Apart – Poem
Five feet apart poem

The air you poured in methrough your mouthmakes my stars float andbutterflies fly with colors brighter than the lights which I stare from my pallet I often dreamt of those lights afarMy sister promised to get me under those lightsonce I get new lungs and not so artificial oxygen to breath anymorebut I lost that […]

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Hold My Hand – Love Poem

Hold my hand and grab me so tight I’ll take you the places where you saw us in your dreams To the top of the mountain where we held each other tight and kissed so hard while dancing in the freezing snowfall To the peaceful lake where everything we could hear were our hearts beating […]

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