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Hold On To You – Poem

I wish I had hold on to youthan the fear of losing you I don’t why I run awayeverytime you get close to meyou make me feel too much lovedsomething which scares me more than a heartbreak We lie down… Continue Reading →

What’s Next? – Poem

Do I have anything left to write?I don’t think I’m sad anymore(if that’s what got me started)or even happy to be honestI’m justcaught up, I guess I keep my schedule tightput things on my plate until they start spilling& make… Continue Reading →

Obsessed All Over Again – Poem

I won’t romanticize pain tonightthis isn’t a poem about a broken thinga heart, a brain, a boneor about the beauty of lovethat doesn’t last (there isn’t any) Let me write about the Band I’m obsessed all over againTwo boys,I spin… Continue Reading →

Words Or Silence – Death Poem

It’s 9:50 in the nightthe city is living in quarantineand I had to google for the correct spellingAnyway I’m out on terraceit’s a part of routinemy own isolationwith some air, stars ,skyand sometimes kid in the neighborhood But tonight it’s… Continue Reading →

My Rainbow – Poem

People change.they often do for a reasonmeaningful onesbut I can’teven with a million reasons to change You start walking a different path one dayand then someone who walked all the waysby your side, along those highs & lowsturns their backall… Continue Reading →

I’m Exhausted – Poem

I’m exhaustedmy mind tries to hold on to a tiny threada needle is plucked inside last piece of my hearttrying to make it wholeagain You’re the tiny threadthat fails to healthe last crack on my heartwhich could neither be yoursnor… Continue Reading →

I Want To Write – Poem

I want to write something for youA Poem, a Rhyme, a Songsomething to which you can relatefeel each & every word I write Few words which has power ofbreaking your heart into countless piecesalso mending them togetheras it used to… Continue Reading →

When Do I Write Better? – Poem

Do I write better when I’m sador when I’m in love? These days, I doubt if i can ever write againit’s like I’m drained outnothing left to pour outmaybe I’m hollow I see these people once thought to be mineand… Continue Reading →

When I say “I Miss You” – Poem

When I say I miss youIt’s not whenI’m hanging off a cliffor drowning in a river ofburning Lava When I say I miss youit’s whenI see clouds on blue skyor mountains covered with grass so green I’m okay with falling… Continue Reading →

Vanilla Sky – Poem

My dreams are a cruel jokethey make me question the air breathe inthe voice of you that wakes me upfrom the nightmareswhere I run wild on an empty street Remember you wanted to tell me a secret?Lured me out on… Continue Reading →

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