Droplets Refusing To Drop

Levitating deep under the rainwater but all I want is to dive inside the droplets refusing to drop off your…

1 week ago

Sad Sunflowers – Wordless Wednesday

Sad sunflowers We don't know whom to look at these days when the sun barely rise or set so we…

3 weeks ago

Clouds Heading Towards – Wordless Wednesday

My clouds heading towards your sky ~ Accidental Blogger My Blog schedule is totally messed up right now. As I…

1 month ago

My Silence Blooms

Let me take you to a place where my silence blooms and thoughts float away along the clouds ~ Accidental…

2 months ago

Obsessed With The Sky – Wordless Wednesday

Why are you so obsessed with the sky, someone askedBecause it changes all the timeyet stays over there,unlike people.~ Accidental…

2 months ago

Sky Reflection On Water

The clouds were flowing and the river stood still - Accidental Blogger Finally, a new picture which isn't taken from…

2 months ago

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