Sky Blue Sky – Wordless Wednesday

After the dark clouds fly away before darker ones approach once again what we have is a sky blue sky…

2 weeks ago

Memories Of 13 Year Old

That day the sky was just so blue The clouds chased me and brought back the memories of 13 year…

3 weeks ago

If I Had Wings

If I had wings I would fly a little above the buildings around just to peek at the sun setting…

4 weeks ago

A Slippery Road

A slippery road carved through the mountains surrounded by trees with leaves dripping rain water growing grass on the soil…

1 month ago

Touch The Green

Wish I could touch the green get drenched by the first drizzle of the season and end up pondering over…

2 months ago

You Stole My Sky

You stole my sky the clouds are drifting away all i have over my head is the blank sky It's…

2 months ago

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