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2 Years Of Writing My Heart Out | Accidental Blogger

August 2 | 12:42 AM I’m writing this article on August 2nd at 12:42 am a day before this Blog turns 2. And I’ve just finished reading the first post of my Blog. It’s such a strange feeling. When I… Continue Reading →

Top 13 Skills You Must Have To Become A Professional Blogger

It was 2018 when I accidentally entered into the blogging world. I was totally clueless. Just followed my teacher’s advice to build a free website on WordPress which might help during my placements. But I had never thought of becoming… Continue Reading →

Blogging Consistently – How I Wrote 210 Posts In 2 Years

Being an accidental blogger it is quite amusing to admit that I’ve written 210 Blog posts since August 2018. (This is 211th post). This includes: Articles on Self help, Relationships, Blogging Tips, Fitness, etc. Poems, Pictures, Guitar covers, Q&A Sessions… Continue Reading →

3 Steps – How To Enable Comments For WordPress Posts

Wondering why you haven’t received any comments on your recent Blog post ? You open the WordPress App & there’s no comment section. Ugh, that sucks! I know so many people are fed up with this disappearing of comments section…. Continue Reading →

5 Dos & Don’ts of Blog Commenting

One of the best part of Blogging is Comments. Because they are direct feedback of your content. The genuine, encouraging and critical (in good way) comments actually motivates bloggers to keep blogging and improving. That is why, effective Blog commenting… Continue Reading →

How To Write An Attractive Blog Post In 11 Steps (+ Bonus Tip)

Writing an attractive blog post is a skill which can be mastered with practice. Many bloggers complain about low engagement i.e. minimal views/likes/comments/shares on blog posts.. Also, there are many who are thriving the Blogosphere with perfect blog posts and… Continue Reading →

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