Calm Before The Storm – Wordless Wednesday

Picture of a Flock of Pigeons and grey clouds indicating the Calm before the storm

Hello Everyone!

After a long time I am sharing a picture which isn’t old one from my Gallery. I clicked this few days ago while I was returning from my class.

My friend was driving my scooter that day and I was at the backseat. So, I thought about clicking some pictures to upload on my blog. Then, suddenly this huge Flock of pigeons passed & I captured them immediately.

We are already in the middle of September but rain hasn’t stopped yet. So, the weather is always cloudy here.

Hopefully, winter will start soon. Because I’m too fed up of this rain now.

What are your thoughts on this picture of “Calm before the storm”? Aren’t you fed up of too much rain?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

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