Bright SKy

The sky is divided in two colours
bright is left behind
and Dark is approaching

Bright is colourful & vibrant
Reminds me of beautiful memories
which are long lost
Will they ever come back?

Dark looks scary and unpredictable
Will it strike with lighting?
Or will it be a hailstorm?
No one knows

I keep looking for the bright side
for all the memories it reminds of
I try to grab them all and
paint the whole sky bright

No matter how fast I run
and try to hold on to the bright
I loose my grip and
Dark overpowers the bright

Bright has disappeared now
dark took over the bright
Now all I can see above is
Dark sky, blank & colourless

Dark is approaching now
And I can’t run back
Will I get lost in dark?
or will I shine like a star?

Dark Sky

Hello Everyone !

Bright and Dark poem‘s idea came to my mind few months back when I was having a walk on the terrace. I observed sky above my head which had both Bright and Dark colours.

So, I thought relating it with the Beautiful past and Scary future concept. But it was left incomplete in my draft for a long time. Finally, I did complete this poem and decided to publish here.

(Ps: The both pictures are from different places and time. First one is a recent picture whereas the second one is clicked few years back.)

Do let me know your thoughts on this poem. Does it make sense to you or relates to something? Let me know in the comments section.

Thank You For Reading!

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