Being an accidental blogger it is quite amusing to admit that I’ve written 210 Blog posts since August 2018. (This is 211th post).

This includes:

It took me few months to decide what type of content I would be writing here. And that’s when I started posting an Article, a Poem and a picture every week. I’m still following the same blogging schedule (Obviously with some breaks).

So, How do I Blog so consistently ? Like most of you already that I was never interested in writing, it just happened to me and I kept going on.

In my 2 years of blogging , I’ve seen so many talented bloggers leaving their blogs & left with no motivation to start again.

The shocking part is they love writing more than me.

So here are 7 Reasons How I Blog So Consistently.

1. I Love Blogging As much As I Love Writing

I love blogging as much I love writing

I do love writing but at the same time I love everything about blogging. Since the day I have created my Blog, I’m constantly learning to become a better blogger. (Not bragging)

It’s exciting for me to learn new things, apply them on my Blog and then the best part is seeing them ranking on google.

No, my posts didn’t start showing up in google search right away. It started in January 2020. Before that none of my posts ranked at a higher position on Google.

The point is many people who love writing find blogging complicated. This is why many bloggers shift to Instagram as it is easier to use. Plus comparatively it has more reach.

For me, WordPress is peaceful & Better place than any other platform. I recently stopped posting on Instagram as it was getting in my head. (Why? I’ll write separate article about it very soon)

My love for Blogging & WordPress is what makes me post so consistently.

2. I Don’t Care About Numbers ANYMORE

It’s easy to say that numbers don’t matter, but they really do. Especially when you start something new & you’ve no idea whether it’s good enough.

When I started blogging I got a very good response unexpectedly. I had 1000+ followers in just 3 months. And this is what motivated me to keep writing. Not denying it at all.

But now after almost 2 years, engagement on my Blog is so much less than it was when I started. Even though my articles & poems have improved, engagement has decreased.

There are some ordinary articles on my Blog which I posted a year ago or earlier, they have much more likes & comments than my recent ones.

So how can numbers really matter?

Right now I’m much more focused on choosing better topics for writing & applying all the knowledge of blogging in my Blog posts.

As a blogger, I do have to care about the traffic & it is important. But I’m no longer affected by the number of likes or comments my posts receive.

I would like to sum it up as:

As a writer I don’t care about numbers but as a blogger, I do.

3. I Have So Much To Say

Being an introvert I’ve been quite most of my life. There have been situations where I wanted to speak up but I could never find the right words.

For me my Blog is a place where I can say everything that I could never say out loud around people. I can take my own time thinking about some topic and write about it without caring how awkward I might look or sound.

As I’m writing this now I’ve multiple topics in my head on which I want to write articles or poems. But most of them are unclear so I keep thinking about them over & over again. Until one day I can feel ready to write it down.

Having so much to say & not being able to talk about it has to be a big reason why I always have topics to write on.

4. I Have Set A Blogging Schedule That I Can Follow

During my initial days of blogging, I wanted to post everything I had. It was like I found a place where I can publish whatever I’ve got. Be it pictures that I clicked, guitar covers I recorded, things which happened to me & everything.

I tried them all & then decided what I should keep doing. That’s how I set my Blogging schedule where I post an article, a poem & a picture every week.

Posting specific content consistently on specific days makes me feel satisfied. That’s why you’ll hardly see me posting anything randomly.


If you really want to make a blogging schedule that you can stick with then you must know what & how often you can write. Otherwise, you’ll end up putting yourself under pressure to post.

5. I Take Breaks

Blogging too consistently also has a dark side ( At least for me ).

Yes, I do love sticking to my schedule & publishing new content every week. But, posting too much feels overwhelming after a few weeks. It becomes too monotonous.

At such a point it is so important for me to take a break & break the pattern. As I’m writing this I’m on a break & I didn’t even think about writing anything until 2 days ago.

No, it’s not the “writer’s block“. It is always my choice to not write anything during breaks. The problem with many writers is they exaggerate this term & start looking at it as a trap which can’t be escaped.

Well, writing after a break does feel like a huge task. But this struggle is important to remind you that you have to work for it constantly & that’s how you’ll improve.

Also, breaks allow me to sit in peace & think. Not just about what I’m gonna post on my Blog but about everything else in life. In return this helps me to get much clearer thoughts & ideas of what I’m gonna write in future.

6. I Write In Bulk

If you’re a writer or poet, I’m sure you’ve had days where you could write multiple pieces without trying too hard. It feels so effortless.

For me, there are days when I can write a new poem every day. I just know it when I can write and when I can’t. Whenever I know that I can, I make sure to write as much I can.

Most amazing thing about this is I get content that I can schedule for upcoming weeks. This gives a long period of time for me to relax & focus on other blogging tasks like promoting on different platforms, editing or republishing old posts and improving my blogging skills.

Writing in bulk makes sure that I’m blogging consistently even when I’m not writing at all.

How cool is that !

7. Support From Readers

Like I already mentioned earlier in the article, the amazing response & constant support from the readers is what pushed me to keep writing.

I would have stopped blogging if I hadn’t received such response from readers in the initial days. It’s your kind & supportive comments, emails and messages which made me believe that I do make some sense.

Blogging has opened many doors for me. Since last year I’ve written for multiple websites, a magazine, also did other blogging related tasks

So when I think about all this I feel so grateful to each one of you who have appreciated my work & made me believe in myself. Because that is what motivated me to keep learning & trying to do better.

I owe so much to all of you. The best way I can repay you is Blogging consistently, so I keep doing it.

Final Words

Intentionally I didn’t try to give any tips on how to blog consistently in this article. Because this was all about how I do it. And it can be different for different bloggers.

So, you don’t really need to do what exactly I did. Maybe you can learn from some of the points & apply them. But these aren’t the only ways for blogging consistently.

You need to find out what makes you feel comfortable & that’s how you will find answers yourself. Just don’t put yourself under pressure for not posting as much as fellow bloggers.

You do you!

I hope this article did help you in some way or another.

Thank you for reading!

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