Have you ever explored any of the amazing Benefits of being Single ?

I know, People around you are showing off their relationships, getting engaged or married with love of their life while you are still single.

Your surroundings might make you feel like you’re missing out so much but guess what? Being is single is not as bad as you think.

Let me walk you through 10 Ultimate Benefits Of Being Single and Stop make you feel bad about being single.

10 Ultimate Benefits Of Being Single Everyone Must Know

1. You Can Save Huge Amount Of Time

You can save huge amount of time being single

The very first thing your partner will expect from you is Time.

It’s very important to make time for your partner and give the attention they deserve. So, it’s definitely not a wrong thing but an essential in a relationship.

Let me tell you, making time for that special one is time consuming. ACCIDENTAL BLOGGER

You’ll have to sacrifice other things in your routine for it.

But when you’re single the only person for whom you need to make time or sacrifices is you. You can do whatever you wish to in that time.

Even if you’re wasting it, you owe to it. You don’t go blaming someone else for not having much of free time. So, you become more responsible for yourself instead of complaining.

2. You Get Freedom To Live Your Life

You Get Freedom To Live Your Life being single

No, you aren’t caged in a relationship. By freedom, what I mean is you are free to live on your terms. No one will ask you to change you in any way.

I’ve seen couples where one of them tries to control the other’s life. And then the latter one tries best to satisfy his/her partner by going out their ways. Eventually they end up losing themselves.

Being single gives you freedom to be yourself without caring about anyone else. You can dress, act, speak and live the way you want.

And no one will ask you questions or make any complaints.

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3. You Have A Proper Schedule

Like you don’t have to stay up talking with your partner till 2 Am (Or even more). You will lose your sleep and affect your health badly as you lack a proper schedule.

Well, talking with a partner late in the night is kinda cute sometimes but doing every single day will definitely has bad effects on your health.

While a single person can have a proper schedule without caring about other’s needs or expectations. You wake up or fall asleep whenever you want.

Plus, no one is going to question you for that.

4. You Have Peace Of Mind

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Relationships and arguments come hand in hand. No matter how much you try to avoid this little fights or arguments, they will keep chasing you.

These arguments or fights destroys mental peace of a person. And they are time consuming too. Fighting, apologising or expecting other one to apologise is a long and stressful cycle.

Overthinking, Doubts and Stress are byproducts of these little fights between the couple. But when you’re single, you’re at peace. You don’t need to overthink if you’re hurting someone or not.

You focus on making yourself happy than others. This is how you learn to live all by yourself without anyone else.

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5. You Can Know Yourself Better

Like I just said, you can save a huge amount of time when you’re single. This saved time can be used to do many productive and fulfilling activities. You can discover yourself better.

We don’t usually spend much time on knowing ourselves. Actually we are so busy trying to know others and make them like us. But we hardly talk with inner self or get to know more about ourselves.

While you’re single, you can use the time to know yourself better. You can find out, What are your real goals, what makes you genuinely happy and even what kind of relationship/partner you’re looking for.

This is much better than just getting into relationship without knowing what you really want from it.

6. You Can Focus On Yourself

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As you get to know yourself better, you become aware about your Goals and Desires. Once you have identified these, you can plan on how to achieve those goals and fulfil your own desires.

For some people, it is not easy to focus on the relationship as well as their own goals. Even though it is possible to manage both, taking too much pressure can affect both, relationship goals and personal.

Being single allows us to be selfish and work towards achieving all the goals without any pressure. ACCIDENTAL BLOGGER

Achieving these goals helps in growing Self-worth and further it can be very helpful in future relationships as well.

This will surely help a person to become better in many aspects of Life.

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7. You Can Make Time For Family & Friends

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If you have been in a relationship then you must have experienced complaints from Family & Friends about not making enough time for them.

Here, neither Family & Friends nor you are at fault. We all have 24 Hours in a day and it’s impossible to satisfy every person around you.

Especially when you’re in a relationship, it’s even harder to make time for others. But if you’re single you can make time for your closed ones. You can go out for a trip, movie and no one will complaint to you.

8. You Are Not Addicted To Your Phone

We all have heard about Mobile Addiction and how badly it’s affecting on all of us. Nowadays, most of the conversations are done on phone.

Even couple spends most of their time on chatting with each other, sending pictures, video calling, etc. This becomes a routine which they can’t get out of.

The advantage singles got over committed ones is they don’t have to be on their smartphones all the time. To wait for a call back, reply or anything. You don’t really bother about notifications on your phone.

Hence, they can focus on other things which are important for them.

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9. You Can Save A Lot Of Money

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Yes, you heard it right. Relationships or even dating is quite expensive. Money is spent on Dates, Movies, Trips, Valentine’s week, Anniversaries, etc (The list goes on & on).

Just compare expense of yourself with a person in relationship, you’ll find huge difference between both.

A single person can save money and spend it on self rather than others. He/she won’t have to sacrifice their needs and desires as they’ve control over the money.

Obviously, I don’t want to show relationships as a bad thing here. I’m just representing in a way to describe all possible benefits of being single.

10. You Don’t Have To Keep Secrets

Sometimes you gotta keep your relationship as a secret from people around you (Family and Friends). The reasons vary from person to person. If you’re an Indian then I’m sure you can relate to this. Indians can’t really share about a relationship with their parents.

There are exceptions but the majority of parents are against their kid being in a relationship.

So, keeping secrets from parents is the only option available here. And this is a very tough thing to do, especially in India. You get highly judged by people around you.

Being single, this is something which I find very peaceful. Like, I don’t need keep secrets, Lie or hide anything from anyone. Be it my family or my friends.

On the other hand, committed people have to put a lot of efforts to keep their secrets safe & not get caught.

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Final Words

This article is dedicated to all the single people out there who are feeling bad about being single. Well, it’s not their fault but it’s because of the glorification of relationships happening around them.

I have no intention to defame relationships or couples in way. But I am totally against with idea of relating being single as a negative thing.

These benefits are reminders to all the singles that they aren’t missing out anything being single. That being single is so much better than how it’s portrayed. And many couples also have most of the benefits mentioned above as both persons are mature and understanding towards each other.

So, I hope reading this article will help every Single Guy/Girl to realise how awesome it is to be single and use these amazing benefits of being single.

Do share your own experience being single. Comment below Advantages/Disadvantages that you have experienced.

Thank you for reading !

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