Are you looking for a relationship?

 Tired of being single?

And waiting for someone to enter your life & change it completely?

Are you jealous of your committed friends?

If yes , then read this post till the end. I’ll be writing about few very important things which you should know before you get into a relationship.

Hello Everyone!

So, you’re looking for a perfect partner to enter your life & change it completely. A person who will transform all of your bad traits & make you a perfect person. Also someone who will bring back happiness & joy in your single boring life.

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In this post , I’ll write about Why you are desperate for a relationship & What are some facts about relationship to know before you enter into it.

Why You’re Desperately Looking For A Relationship?

Before You Get Into A Relationship - Article

  1. You Take Love Stories Seriously – You watch Romantic movies & read romantic novels too much. Nothing wrong in that but you take it too seriously. And what happens due to it is that you feel that you lack something in your life. These movies & books make you feel alone & desperate for a relationship.
  2. You Are Surrounded by Committed People – Nowadays most of the people are in relationship. So when you are surrounded by these people while you’re single , you feel like you’re missing out something. You compare your life with others & feel inferior.
  3. You Don’t Love Yourself – Well, I’m sure you’ve already know about Self Love. The reason why you want to get into a relationship because you want to be loved. You want to feel important for someone else. Because you don’t love yourself enough & give importance to yourself.
  4. You Want To Change Your Life – You think your life will be changed as soon as you enter into a relationship. All of your problems will be gone as you get that one perfect partner. And that perfect partner will make you the best version of yourself.

So these are few of the key reasons why people are desperate to get into a relationship.

Hence, it is necessary for everyone to know reality about relationship & to bust out all the imaginary myths about it.

Facts You Must Know Before You Get Into A Relationship

Before You Get Into A Relationship - Article

  1. You Won’t Get A Perfect Partner – Like I’ve mentioned above about the Love stories from Movies & Books , you won’t get a perfect partner. It happens when we watch a movie or read a book, we expect to meet someone like the actor/actress in real life. But it is not possible. Also another problem is that even when you meet someone, you expect so much from them & eventually relationship ends badly.
  2. Relationship Won’t Solve Your Problems – You are surrounded by people who are in relationship. You see them talking with their partners for hours , going out too dates , Sharing problems with them,etc etc. And you think they are happier than you. Here the main problem is ,” We believe what we see without knowing the reality“. I’m not saying that couples are not happy in relationship but we must not also think that relationship can bring lots of happiness in your life & solve all of your problems in a snap of a fingers (Yeah, just like Thanos did)
  3. You Need To Love Yourself – Again, understand the importance of Self love. You can’t love someone else if you don’t know how to love yourself. Loving yourself is not just loving self & giving importance to yourself. When you love yourself, you also accept your weaknesses & you put your best efforts to improve yourself. Without self love, if you get into a relationship , you will always look for love & attention from your partner. Eventually, it will start affecting your relationship.
  4. No One Can Make Your Life Better – This is the stupidest myth people have about relationship. A relationship can’t change your life. It cannot solve all of your problems & make you happier than ever. There are people who think that they will meet a perfect person who will solve their problems ,help them to get away from all the bad habits & make them the best version of yourself. Well , it’s not going to happen. If you really want to change your life , you need to take that responsibility & act upon it by yourself.

Final Words

These were the few important things one must know before getting into a relationship. The reason why these things are important to know is because we all see people around us getting their heart broken by a wrong person. This further leads to a lot of major problems in their lives.

I hope this article helps someone to know the real facts about relationship & to get rid of all the myths about it.

If you have any other tips or advice about relationships , do share in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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