Are you at the lowest of your life right now?

Does everything seems to falling in front of you?

Have you lost faith in yourself?

Do you feel like taking your own life & end everything ?

If yes, keep reading till the end.

Hello everyone!

First of all, the reason why am I writing this.

If you have read my post How To Move On From Past then you must be knowing about a girl who reached out to me to seek help for moving on from her abusive relationship.

So few weeks back she was feeling really down & she started blaming herself for everything that happened to her. She was feeling miserable that day & then she said

“I don’t wanna live anymore. I’m tired of dealing with all this every single day while he(her ex) is living happy life“.

I know there are lot more people who are dealing with similar emotions & thinking about taking their life.

It’s really scary for me to just even imagine this.

This post is dedicated to all of those who are dealing with lot of pain & negativity and having suicidal thoughts.

So Listen up !

Imagine You Took Your Life

Stop thinking about taking your life & imagine you already did it.

You’re lying on floor with slitted wrist in a pool of red blood all over floor

Or hanging on a rope with numb eyes.

Then your mother comes to check if why you haven’t woke up yet & she finds you dead in your room.

She can’t believe & tries to wake you up. She loses her voice because of immense shock & pain. She isn’t even able to cry.

Then your father & siblings arrives. They look at you lying in your mother’s arms dead. And burst into tears.

Your siblings who always looked up to you cannot even understand what are they seeing.

What’s Next?

It’s been a week you died. Everyone still in shock & pain. Everybody in your society talking about you & spreading rumors about your death.

Your family?

Well , they haven’t eaten since you are gone. They haven’t slept since you are gone.

Your parents wondering why did you do this. They are blaming themselves for not knowing what you were dealing with.

They are regretting not able to save their own child. All they can feel is guilt & regret.

Your siblings regretting all the silly fights they had with you. Feeling guilty for not knowing what you were going through.

Your best friend who was always there for you has locked himself in his room & crying his heart out. Regretting for not having that funny conversation with you which might have saved you.

Months passed but the feeling of guilt & regret didn’t.

How does it feel to just imagine?

Let’s get it straight

Okay, I understand you had a horrible past. Something happened which you never imagined & it has completely destroyed you. And now you can’t go back & change that , right?

So yeah, someone did wrong to you. They gave you a lot of pain. Maybe too much of it. But all you gave them was pure love.

And now you’re thinking about ending your life because of them?

What about the people who values you the most? Who’s world revolves around you? Who always kept doing things just to make you happy?

Yes , I’m talking about your family.

How can you forget them?

How can you think you don’t have someone who loves you?

Who was there for you at your lowest? Who fulfilled all your wishes no matter how silly they were? Who kept working overnight to make your future safe? Who didn’t sleep when you were sick?

Yes again it’s your family.

You Are Loved

You are loved. No matter how many people have left you who you thought will stay by your side , your family always did.

They never asked for anything in return from you. They didn’t leave you when you shouted at them or when you didn’t pick their call. They never left you alone.

No matter how angry they were with you, at the end of day they came back to you. No, they never replaced you.

Yes , you are loved. Loved unconditionally.

Stop Looking For Love

You already have it. Don’t obsess over that character in your favourite movie or book to come into your life. It’s a fiction, my dear.

Come back to reality & embrace the real unconditional love that you already have in your life.

Life is much more than looking for love.

Current Situation

Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.

Recently my best friend told me about her cousin who ended his life for betrayal in a relationship. And how hard it was for her whole family to get over it. Especially his mom who took therapy for 1 whole year just to get over suicide of her son.

If you’re thinking about taking your own life, stop for while & think about your family.

Suicide is never a solution for any problem. Instead it will create more problems.

Suicide doesn’t take away the pain, it gives it to someone else.

I want each one of you to share this post as much you can, you’ll end up saving precious lives.

Thank you for reading !

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