Be there for yourself

If you’re someone who always tries to be there for people, I’ve something to say.

I know you too need someone to be there for you. You too face a lot of problems which are hard to face alone. Maybe you’re just good at hiding and forgetting them when it comes to support others.

Your problems are always waiting at your doorstep when you return from fighting battle which was never yours. And the harsh reality is you’ve to fight those battles alone, people won’t be there to wipe your blood and heal those cuts.

Because they assume you hardly have any problems, even if you do they aren’t big as theirs. Still if you have big problems, you’ll handle them maturely. Yes, that’s what most think about you.

So, it’s just you with you. It’s time to step out from someone else’s shoes and stop walking their path. You have your own journey which is going to be full of ups & downs, tears and smiles, and much more. But I promise it will be exciting.

And only you deserve to witness the thrill of it.

People in your life might be there for you for a certain period but you never know how long.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to make people stay. That’s why it’s you who needs to be there for you.

When you’re there for yourself you won’t have the fear losing, you’ll always stay. There’s no way out of yourself.

So, be there for yourself. Wrap your arms around yourself, pat on your back and say “I’m here for myself“. And for the first ever time you won’t doubt this sentence.

I know you, you’ll still try to be there for others, and it’s okay. It speaks highly of you, your character. Don’t lose it but also make sure you don’t lose yourself.

Be there for yourself !

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