I wake up and head back
to the battleground
to battle with my demons

I see them going away
leaving me off in peace
Yet, I chase them down
only to get beaten once again

My Mistakes, Regrets, Fears
being my strongest demons
don’t disappoint me
for making me fall once again

They are tired of hurting
my self esteem, my confidence
They have decided to run back
and leave me for a better life

But I’m so addicted to the
Cuts, bruises and pain which
they have given me and
I am so afraid to get healed now

So, I no longer want them to leave,
now I’m addicted to the pain
And I can’t imagine myself without
the demons which I’ve carried
on my shoulders all the time

So I’m fighting this battle
to stop them from leaving me
I want to get stabbed and cut
once again

I’m in the middle of
an endless battle
with my own demons
Not to win
but get defeated once again.

Poem Description

Here’s a brand new poem about fighting inner demons of a person. It describes how a sufferer is gotten used to get hurt & pain which is actually toxic.

I know this poem is not ending on any positive or inspirational note. Because I didn’t feel like. I saw an image of battle with the inner demons & how it gets difficult to win that battle and I started writing it.

I would love to know your take on this one. Do share your thoughts & suggestions in the comments section below. Also don’t forget to share this.

Thank you for reading!

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