Azan - broken dream poem

Every dawn at 5 am
Azan wakes me up
from a forgotten dream
of you

I wake up
as if you’re calling my name
praying for me
like you always did

Then I realise,
It was a dream of you
A dream where I saw
you drifting away from me

I wanted to hold you tight
Didn’t want to leave me alone
I gave it all but all went in vain
And I was left alone with the pain

But I made my mind and
ran behind your drifting shadow
I was about to hold you again
in my arms so tight

I wanna know if I got you back
If we end up together
But I can’t remember this dream

I try hard to recollect
the bits and pieces
of the forgotten dream
but I fail everytime

I wonder
if you still pray for me
Then I recall,
your smile when you used to pray for me.

I want to remember
that forgotten dream
I can’t recollect those
infinite bits of a broken dream

I’m tired now
and sleepy as always
Will you pray again
for my broken dream?

Hey Everyone! 

This is again something new I have tried in a poem. Azan is a poem about a forgotten and broken dream tried to be remembered again. 

Do let me know your thoughts on this poem in the comment section below.

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