Awkward Silence Poem

When we meet
I don’t want it to be
A fancy restaurant or noisy cafe
I will fail to look inside your soul
or hear your heart out

Let’s meet somewhere on earth
with limitless sky or an endless Ocean
in front
with you & your words beside me

Where we dive in each other’s soul
and fly without worrying
about landing back
from where we took off

I’ll take you to the places
where I held your face in my hands
and the whole world celebrated

You take me to the dreams
that I forgot
So you can run back to me
and I’ll never let you go this time

When we meet
the world turns slow
and Sun refuses to dive inside
the ocean
ahead of us

And all my heart wants
before I wake up is
You, me and
our awkward silence

Poem Description

I wrote this poem few months ago, when I was in my bed. I had just woke up from a dream and wrote this down. Except the last two verses which I wrote recently.

Though, I don’t remember that dream now.

And this picture is from a cafe which wasn’t really noisy or crowdy. It’s probably 6 months old picture when I went there with my friends.

Does your dreams inspire you to write? Or do you even remember your dreams?

Let me know in comments!

Thank you for reading !

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