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4 Things To Keep In Mind About Sharing Posts On Social Media

Are you addicted to sharing posts on social media the moment you see them? Especially the exclusive news about injustice, economy failure, wars, and almost everything that is going wrong around you. Initially, social media was all about sharing selfies,… Continue Reading →

Wish My Poems Were More Artistic

Sometimes I wish my poems were more artistic featured with cliched aesthetic backgrounds like hand holding a sunflower birds flying through b/w clouds face hidden behind the books I adore sky painted pink using Photoshop or a rainbow in the… Continue Reading →

Droplets Refusing To Drop

Levitating deep under the rainwater but all I want is to dive inside the droplets refusing to drop off your lower lip. ~ Accidental Blogger Can anybody still see this on their feeds? With my inconsistent blogging schedule, I doubt… Continue Reading →

What’s The Point ? – Poem

What’s the point? The point that we can look from a far from the past that we survived and present that we claim to be living in I don’t know what it looks like, where I can find it, grab… Continue Reading →

Sad Sunflowers – Wordless Wednesday

Sad sunflowers We don’t know whom to look at these days when the sun barely rise or set so we try looking at each other for some sunshine and a ray of hope ~ Accidental Blogger This is the first… Continue Reading →

Are We All Attention Seekers? | 4 Signs Of Toxic Attention Seeking Behaviour

Are you an attention seeker? You’ll probably say “No”, because in our eyes we aren’t. When we talk about the behavior of Attention seeking, we think of it as a negative behaviour which other people possess, and not us. But… Continue Reading →

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