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What do I mean by safe?

We’re living in the world of Internet. From our name to what we are doing right now everything is known to Internet. Be it your Pictures ,Songs ,Videos,Chats ,Confidential data ,etc etc.

How many times you saw an ad for something about which you were talking to someone?

I’m sure it happens a lot of time. Why this happens? Google stores everything. It knows everything about you.

Just imagine ,someone is out there who has access to all of your data. That someone is monitoring you 24/7.

Scary , isn’t it?

Cyber Crimes

Let’s talk about Cyber crimes. These are the crimes which are done with help of internet. We all know number of cyber crimes is increasing day by day. At the same time number of internet users is also increasing.

Let’s go deeper into cyber crimes.

Types of Cyber Crimes

  1. “Congratulations ! You have won a lottery!” This is the most common crime happening on the internet. First you’ll get message that you’ve won a great prize & further they will ask you to deposit hefty amount in a bank account to receive the prize money you’ve won. As soon as you deposit the money , they vanish.
  2. “Find out which celebrity you look like”. We see this kind of posts shared on facebook wall. But how many of you have thought that you’re actually giving access of your whole data on Facebook to this third party sites. Who cares right? We want to see which celebrity from our favourite TV show we look like. Like we’re gonna win Oscar for our performance.
  3. Fake login page – In this, a fake login page of social media sites is created. When we login through this page we get directed to some other webpage but the login information entered is actually getting send to the attackers. Your account is hacked.
  4. Deadly Challenge Games. Blue whale ,Momo challenge has cost lots of innocent lives recently. In such games player has to complete assigned challenges otherwise he/she is threatened to death.

I’m really delightful to tell you all that I’ve recently worked in short film – The waste. Motive for this short film is to create awareness about cyber crimes .

This short film is produced by Crossword production. Story & Direction is done by My friends Harshwardhan Patil & Shivdeep Chaudhari .

And I’m so grateful to be part of such an great & helpful short film.

You can watch it here πŸ‘‰ : The Waste – Short Film || Inspired By True Events || Harshwardhan Patil

Ps : The short film is in Marathi language. But I feel the message which we wanted to convey to the society doesn’t need specific language.

Do post your reviews about it in comment section below.

How to be Safe ?

  1. Do not believe anything/anyone blindly on the internet.There are lot of fake news which gets circulated everyday ,fake profiles on social media who are trying to fool people. So Do Not Believe anything on internet.
  2. Use strong passwords. Do not use weak passwords which can be easily cracked by attackers. Turn on two factor authentication for your important accounts. (For WordPress too).
  3. Do not give permission to any app you use. When you install any app on your mobile do not blindly give permission to access your data.
  4. Use updated antivirus on your Mobile/computers.
  5. Do not let anyone use your Mobile/computer. Not even your friends.

Final Words

Purpose of this post is to create awareness among people about cyber crimes & limit usage of internet. We should not get so much addicted to the virtual world that we forget the real world around us.

And to get your reviews on my acting debut (just kidding). For those who can’t recognize me in the film , guy with glasses is me.

So are you really safe ?

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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