IMG_20180811_135739Hello there ,today I’m gonna write about my current phase .My thoughts are like a roller-coaster ride these days .One day I’m full of energy ,enthusiasm & positivity. Next day I’m stressed ,sad ,lost .And it’s been going on from last few months.

Am I depressed ? Maybe ,maybe not.Not sure.

Do you have that person whom you miss when anything good or bad happens to you? So first thing you do is just pour your heart out in front of then. But you know what i do ?

And now I just sit in silence – Car radio (Twenty one pilots)

I had one too . Maybe I am missing that person . But can’t do anything about it. We don’t talk anymore like we used to do .

But I’m not gonna blame that person for this .Because I think we both are responsible for this.

I have been constantly analyzing & overthinking about my past . I’ve been blaming myself for everything .Even though I know it’s wrong.

Still I’m trying my best to stay positive . I’ve been reminding myself “This is gonna pass soon ” . It’s hard to accept sometimes but I’m sure sooner or later I’ll be okay .

Someday in future maybe within a month or longer when I’ll get through this phase , I’ll look back to this & be proud of myself that I have got through this tough phase .

So to my future self – “I’ll be there soon” .

And If anyone of you have been through such phase ,do share your experiences in the comment section below . It will be really helpful for me .

Thank you for reading 🙂