A Letter To My Teacher Who Never Believed In Me

To the teacher,
who never believed in me or
even imagined I could do
something good

First of all,
Thank you so much
for making me doubt myself
and increase my insecurities

Maybe you never understood
or always been around the people
who spoke and not the ones
who didn’t

I was from the latter ones
I always kept quiet
So much that often
people around me were credited
instead of me

So, you thought I was dumb
who can do nothing
without knowing a thing
about me

You were so blinded by
your own perspectives about me
you could never see the good I did
so you patted the ones who didn’t

Do you know or
have you ever just wondered
how I handled all of these
you put me through

I know, you didn’t.
Maybe you never realised that
at the end of day we all are humans
and everyone isn’t supposed to be
like every one else

You forgot,
people have different personalities,
interests, behaviours, skills and thoughts
And that’s totally fine

Well, I’m not writing this to
make you feel guilty or sad
about me or my fucked up mind
full of doubt & insecurities

I’m sure you got a kid
at your home
who probably won’t have everything
you expect

He/she might fail to do
a handful of things in life
but I know you will stand by strong
and support no matter what

And may be that day,
you will realise the ultimate truth
that humans do suck at a lot of things
and that’s okay

Making someone feel insecure
and not believing in that person
will only going to destroy
any thing which is left inside

Also, most of the times
judging someone
without knowing the truth
proves you wrong badly

I hope you do realise this
one day

Yours ,
A student whom you made doubt himself

Poem Description

An honest letter to my teacher(s) who never believed in me. Well, this isn’t a letter to single teacher, it is for all of the teachers who have doubted me, said things which stayed inside me & impacted me a lot.

I wrote this letter in the format of poem as I didn’t want it to be too long. The purpose of this letter is not to blame the teacher(s) here. 

I want to convey a message through this to not just teachers but we all need to be aware of what we say to other people. Judging , making assumptions and insulting someone has a strong impact on people. These kind of things stays for long time with a person.

I hope my message is conveyed through this small letter-poem.

Thank you for reading!

Do share your thoughts about this in the comments section below. And if  you’ve similar experiences with teacher(s) share them also.

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