Hey , Accidental Blogger !

It’s been two months since you were born. Out of nowhere as an accident. That’s why you’re called “Accidental Blogger”.

You are someone I always wanted to be. You’ve all the qualities I always dreamt of. You have Confidence , Optimism, Maturity , Communication skills , Writing abilities , Sense of humour , A helping nature.

You’ve solutions to all the problems. You know How to overcome failures , How to get over a breakup , How to stay positive , How to make yourself happy, How to get out of your comfort zone,etc ,etc.

You are trying to help people. You are trying to help people overcome their problems. You are trying to spread positivity & happiness to the fullest.

Within just two months you’ve literally changed my life.

Because of you, I have started doing things which I never even dreamt of.

Because of you, I’ve started trying new things out.

Because of you, I’ve started aiming higher than before.

Because of you, I want to get better each & every day.

Because of you, I met such wonderful people here.

So.. Hey , Accidental Blogger !!

Do not stop inspiring me.

Do not stop bringing out best of me.

Do not stop spreading positivity & happiness.

Do not stop writing your heart out.

Congratulations on creating a family of 500+.

Keep going ! πŸ’―

– Yours Self

Thank you so much to each person who have read ,liked ,commented & shared my posts. This blog wouldn’t have been possible without your love & support.

Thank you so much πŸ™‚

Hello , If there’s anyone who wants to talk about anything , who wants someone to talk their heart out can contact me .

I’ll be happy to talk with you about anything .

You can contact me here.

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