I sat inside a boat
sailed an endless ocean
with a hope of finding you
once again

My eyes tried hard
to look deep inside the sea
but they couldn’t succeed
except getting burnt by saline water

So, I dived deep inside
left the boat without a sailor
talked to all the creatures inside
for a mere sign of my mermaid

I swam across the ocean
until there was no water left
just like hopes of finding you
which left me alone on an island

On a serene starry night,
a shiny star fell in the ocean
just like I did for you
when I saw you for the first time

I asked the fallen one
will you help me falling
in the arms where
I really belong?

So, it held my hand
and flew me high above the sky
until the darkness disappeared
and dropped me deep down

I looked all around
calling out your name
right from my heart but
all I could see were waves

I screamed so hard
and cried out loud
but my tears were just
mere drops of water to the ocean

I tried to hold the water tightly
in the palm of my hands
still I failed miserably
to find a drop of you

A Drop Of You -Poem Description

A Drop Of You, a poem inspired by a song Addict with a pen by Twenty One Pilots. It’s one of my top favorites song from the band.

Only the last verse has exact lines from the song (Except minor modifications). I hope Tyler won’t mind.

The actual song is about God and Tyler’s relationship with him (Source: Internet). I can’t say it clearly as I have different interpretation of this song.

And the poem which I wrote is about …

Okay, instead of telling you what the poem is about, I would love to know your interpretations.Do share them in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

[ Reposted on 12th November 2020, Originally posted 22nd November 2019]

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