A month ago I left Instagram and a few people were confused & worried why would I do that all of a sudden. They thought maybe I’m going through something or what.

To be honest, there was nothing wrong the way most were thinking. I was just tired of using Instagram.

In fact, chances of me coming back on my Instagram page are very slim. (I’m still using the personal account)

But when people asked me why I was leaving I didn’t have just one reason, there were many. And that’s why I’m writing this as a long article.

7 Reasons Why I Left My Instagram Blog

1. Everything Felt So Repetitive

It was like I was doing the same thing again & again in a pattern. And everyone else was doing the same. Let me tell you, patterns are very haunting sometimes.

Whenever I would post something, I would share it in my story with “New Post” or “Check this out” or “link in bio” stickers or gifs. After some time I was irritated with my own stories, no one said it to me. It’s just me.

Apart from my own stories or posts, there are few accounts who sound the same in everything they post. For example, there’s a famous poetry page on Instagram which you must be following if you write poems.

So, there came a time when every poem I read felt like the one I read yesterday. And slowly slowly I started feeling like all of those poems or posts are saying the same thing. (They are written by different people,still)

But I’m not sure if there’s anyone who would feel the same as me. So, it’s okay if they keep posting whatever they want to. It’s just I couldn’t handle it.

2. A Lot Of Things Stopped Making Sense

If you have been following me on instagram for a long time then you might have noticed me becoming less interactive with time.

Maybe it was because many people who know me in real life started following me. But the real reason is it just stopped making sense to me.

When I started out that account I used to interact a lot by posting stories, QnA, Polls, Sharing others’ posts, Writing My favourites lyrics and what not.

But as time passed all of these things stopped making sense to me. I just didn’t feel like doing any of them. Like, who cares about my favourite part from a song? Or who wants to look at a meme that I can relate to but they can’t?

I used to cringe at myself for writing “Click Link In Bio“. And then I stopped saying it at all.

Again, no one said it to me. All of these things of posting and updating stories just make no sense to me now. I don’t know why.

3. Was I Showing Off Numbers ?

This is what I asked myself every time I shared stats of my own posts or screenshots of my posts which ranked on Google.

I know, I wasn’t. But I always thought about what if I’m making someone feel insecure about their art by posting such numbers. Yes, they aren’t in millions but what if someone starts doubting themselves because of these numbers ?

Let’s be honest, every person does get affected by the numbers on Instagram. It’s the basis of that platform & the reason why many get addicted to it.

Yes, we all want our posts to reach a wider audience. That is totally fine. But we can’t deny that numbers do affect us.

Some of my poems & articles have done unexpectedly well on Instagram & it’s good to see people still engaging with them or saving them. So, I have shared stats of those posts several times in my stories.

At the same, I had this concern of what if I’m making someone feel insecure? Obviously it was not intentional, but what if?

4. Instagram Battles

You probably witness these battles almost everyday. These are very unique battles where opponents don’t even face or mention each other. They are just posting stories hoping the other will see it & change his/her beliefs/opinions/thoughts.

Well, it never works that way.

Recently instagram stories are full of this negativity where just everyone wants to prove themselves right. You’ll see stories with screenshots, proofs, long captions, morphed video clips & what not.

But you know what, no one changes their deep rooted beliefs by seeing or reading instagram stories. No one wants to accept that they can be wrong or their opinions can be flawed.

Ask yourself if you have ever changed your mind about something you believe so firmly after reading something you didn’t expect of. Even when you can see proof of it, you won’t be able to change your mind.

But people are still doing these, fighting with each other which is affecting the people who aren’t involved or interested in that topic.

A very strong reason why I left insta. I used to use two accounts so all the negativity and toxicity was getting doubled for me.

5. Comparisons With Other Writers/ Poets

Well, most of you have read about this in my last poem “An outsider“. I was comparing myself with multiple writers and poets on Instagram.

Instagram is full of talented & creative people. There are so many of them that you’ll feel like you’re just nobody. So, this thing has good as well as bad side.

It’s not that I compare myself with other people in life, I rarely do. But on instagram, it happened even when I didn’t want to. Like I just said, there are so many people with great writing skills, editing skills, huge fan following, etc. So, I just ended up doing comparisons unconsciously.

Even though this has happened to me on multiple occasions, I felt it strongly two months ago. But thankfully I managed to stop it with time.

Yet, I am including it in this article because I think it might happen with me again in future.

6. Negative Accounts

I understand that 2020 has been a nightmare to all of us. Within 6 months of it we have seen so many things going wrong. But does that mean we have to keep talking about those things all the time?

I just watched a video on YouTube by Ankita Shrivastava where she mentioned how we make things worse by putting our energies in them. (One of my favourite Quora writer)

For example, if you are sick and you keep thinking about sickness or pain, you are actually giving so much energy for it to grow.

Instead you should focus on healing & put your energy there. Because that’s how healing happens. I know, it’s easy to say and hard to apply. But you can always try & shift your mind towards positivity.

Some people share so much negativity that it becomes their identity. I stopped watching stories of a few people because I know it must be about something negative.

I think people need to understand that there are things going on in the world which won’t get affected by sharing them on social media. Yes, there can be exceptions. But, think.

To all those people,

If you can’t share something positive, at least take a break from posting negative all the time.

7. Instagram or News Channel ?

This is a continuation of the above point. Just didn’t want to bore you in the same one.

Since the global pandemic has started many of us avoided watching news as we know that it can make us panic too much.

But what to do with Instagram becoming a news channel?

Gone are those days when Instagram was all about Selfies and vacation pictures. Now news articles and twitter screenshots are shared more than personal pictures. No, there’s nothing wrong to share something important on any platform. I have done it too. But anything in excess is harmful.

Why do we call news channels Toxic? Because they keep saying the same thing multiple times & make it sound deadlier than it is, right?

This is what instagram was doing to me. Bombarding me with the same news & making feel helpless about it.

Final Words

I might have sounded too negative about Instagram in this article and I’m aware about it. I understand that I shouldn’t be blaming the whole platform as there is some positivity & really good content.

But I had to leave it for my own reasons. For a long time I was just posting there for the sake of it. That’s why I was not interacting at all.

Someday I might come back on Instagram & start posting there again. But I don’t know when.

No worries to all wordpress readers as I won’t leave WordPress. I can’t.

Thank you for reading!

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