I came across this tweet few months ago & it was something I never thought of.

We all have seen so many articles, videos, podcasts, etc on How to become an Extrovert or How to stop being introvert and be social.

But this was the first time I saw someone who mentioned a desire to see something opposite.

Before starting to write this I searched on Google if there are articles written on this topic, and I found few. All of them are inspired from the same tweet.

And I’m going to write about same.

Here we go !

Are You An Extrovert ?

Yes ? I’m sure the weird introverted person around you has often got you thinking a lot.

But have you ever thought of being like him. Or to get to know that person’s thoughts and his actions ?

Do you sometimes envy that person for being Calm & composed even in tensed situations?


Okay, I’m not saying that you must feel like becoming a introvert from extrovert. There’s nothing wrong in being any of the two.

But if you’re that person who really wants to be more quite & reflective in your life then I as an introvert have few tips for you.

Hope you will apply them.

6 Tips On How To Be Quite & Reflective

How to be Quite & Reflective

1. Listen Listen Listen

Let’s get back to the quite guy in your group. I’m sure you always wonder why he is silent in most of the conversations.

The reason is because he is listening to everything clearly. And he really wants to listen what everyone has to stay.

I’ve observed & experienced so many times that in conversations most people just want to talk. They want to put their points on the table without even listening to others.

So if you’re trying to become quiet & reflective then you must start listening first. It’s the most important thing in any conversation.

Try to listen to what other people have to say.

Be in their shoes and try to understand their views and situation before you start sharing yours. This way you will also get to know yourself. The real you.

2. Say when you have something worth saying

One home run is better than two doubles – Steve Jobs

A reflective person is someone who understands self. Someone who thinks mindfully from all possible perspectives and contexts. He/she doesn’t rush into any conclusions.

And if you want yourself to be little reflective then you must think things through and try understand your own thoughts.

Don’t be that person who talks so much but hardly make any sense. Instead say one sentence that really is relevant and vanishes all the confusions.

Choose your words wisely before you say them out loud. Make sure that whatever you are going to say is well thought & meaningful.

3. Try To Understand People Instead Of Judging

Has this ever happened to you?

You had a certain perception about a person and suddenly you realised you were wrong ? That person was completely opposite of what you thought.

I know it happens all the time with us. We humans are quick to judge people based on first impressions. But most of the times they are wrong.

If you’ve observed the Quite & introverted person, they observe people carefully. Their actions, words and behavior. That’s how they get to know about a person. They hardly rely on any first impressions. They try to understand people.

And you can do it. Whenever you find yourself judging someone too early, take few steps back and look closely.

Have some prominent data & observation about that person first. And then decide who they are.

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4. Know Yourself First

An Introvert or a quiet person spends major amount of time alone. This involves huge amount of thinking & reflecting on past events/actions.

This is what helps them to know themselves fully. They know who they are & how different things make them feel.

Knowing yourself saves one from getting into stuff that he/she never wanted to be in.

For example: I’m the person who leaves first from any group gathering. Because I know, I can’t socialise after a certain time period. My mind & body alerts me in such situations. So before I get too awkward & weird, I leave.

This is not something which only needs to be done if you want to be Quiet & Reflective.

No matter what kind of person you are, knowing yourself will help you in so many ways.

5. Talk To Yourself

What do you do when your closed one is suffering?

You listen to them, you understand & try to make them feel better with your kind words. (Give solutions if possible)


Well, what do you do when you are suffering? I know, you expect someone to do what you do for others when in need. But it doesn’t roll that always.

Here you’ve to become your own listener, supporter and problem solver.

Have a conversation with yourself about whatever situation you’re in. Talk as if you’re talking to a version of yourself who knows, understands and loves you the most.

Encourage yourself, be kind to yourself, praise yourself and love yourself when others refuse to do it.

If you practice talking with yourself regularly, you will no longer need people to solve your problems or support you.

6. Spend Some Time Alone

This sounds like a nightmare to many people. No one wants spend with themselves.

Because it’s frightening (Not for all).

Spending time alone helps one to reflect on his/her thoughts, actions and every thing. It has ability to get you to the root of almost every problem you’re facing.

I know for many people out there, solitude is an unknown place to be in. but once you get comfortable with it, you’ll no longer need someone else to fill up your emptiness.

You’ll be enough for yourself and that will be the best feeling in the world.

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Final Words

The purpose of this article (And Tweet) isn’t to change your personality from Extrovert to introvert.

But to understand that Introversion isn’t a negative personality. Often an introvert person is treated as someone who’s abnormal.

As if being an introvert is a sad thing.

And I hope this article will help many extroverts who never dig deep to know the truths.

I hope at least few of you will try being alone & quiet for a day or even an hour and see what it feels like.

Thank you for reading !

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